STSUNEU Beech Wood Wide Shoulder Wooden Hanger, Suit Hanger, Integrated molding (5pack) (Retro)

STSUNEU Beech Wood Wide Shoulder Wooden Hanger, Suit Hanger, Integrated molding (5pack) (Retro)

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Made of high quality solid beech wood with a wide shoulder area, durable and sustainable for many years
The wide arm and curved shape of the construction design contributes to the appearance and natural shape of the garment and can even accommodate coats or jackets
These hangers are heavy-duty constructions that can hold and organize clothes, save space and organize wardrobes
A set of 5 wooden hangers, each finished 17.5x 9.4 x 1.2 inches
Widen the rust-proof hook: widen the pearl nickel polished hook to rotate 360 degrees, reducing the wooden hanger to slide freelyRandom Color

Color: vintage surface Use STSUNEU's high quality beech wood hangers to give your clothes the luxury they deserve! These hangers are made of rugged, beech wood that can hold heavy clothing such as suits and jackets. The sleek and beautiful vintage finished timber provides the necessary preventative widening hooks for your clothes. Unlike other plastic hangers that consume a lot of space, these elegant wooden hangers add elegance and comfort to your wardrobe. With the complete 5 wooden suit hangers you can use for a long time, giving your wardrobe a consistent and unique look. Widen 360-degree rotation feature hook for better use The hooks of these wooden clothes hangers are designed to be sturdy with a 360-degree rotation and are very easy to use. It allows you to easily rotate the hooks as needed to proficiently manage your wardrobe.   A set of 5 Rugged, beech wood made of retro wood Extra wide shoulder Ideal for hanging suits, coats, trousers, shirts, etc.

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