Deluxe Timber Coat Hanger

Deluxe Timber Coat Hanger

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Keep your wardrobe an organised paradise with the range of clothes hangers from L.T. Williams. This Deluxe Timber Hanger is the perfect way to keep your wardrobe decluttered and looking brand new.

These hangers have a durable chrome plated steel hook, whilst the hanger body is made from sustainable plantation timber. The extra-wide shoulder arms prevent jackets and blazers from becoming stretched or marked where they sit on the hanger.

The non-slip horizontal bar is perfect for hanging matching trousers or pants. Hanging pants not only saves space, but prevents potential creasing and damage from being in a drawer. An added bonus is the ability to see at a glance what items of clothing you have in your wardrobe. No more digging through drawers!

Explore the rest of the L.T. Williams storage and organisation range available at Soko & Co which are perfect for using in conjunction with this item.



- Chrome plated hook

- Sustainable plantation timber hanger body

- Extra wide shoulder arms prevent damage and disfiguring of clothes where they sit on the hanger

- Non-slip trouser bar

- Hang pants, trousers jackets and blazers quickly and easily



45cm W x 5cm D x 24cm H

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