10 Best White Office Chairs in 2019

Designing an office with a clean, white look is something that has gone in and out of popularity. In recent years, we have seen this type of modern design grow to be extremely popular again. This can probably be largely attributed to Apple with its all-white designs and Apple Store look. While white is currently a popular option, it can often be tough to search for white office chairs.

Manufacturers often don’t have a section for white chairs or the ability to search by color. This leaves you clicking through various chairs to see if they have color options. Instead of having to click through dozens or hundreds of products, we’ve put together a list of our 10 best white office chairs. We made sure to pick a variety of different styles and prices. We hope to provide you with an option or an idea of what to look for when you shop for a white office chair.
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Best White Office Chairs 2019 Humanscale Diffrient World – Best White Mesh Office Chair Humanscale Freedom w/ Headrest –Best White and Black Office Chair Eurotech Seating iOO – Best White for Ergonomics Office Chair Office Star 7270 – Best White Leather Office Chair BTOD BT-9826H-XX-GG – Best White Modern Office Chair Nightingale Manno – Best White High Back Office Chair BTOD BT-444-MID-WH-GG – Best White Tufted Office Chair BTOD BT-9895M-WH-GD-GG – Best White and Gold Office Chair BTOD BT-9836M-2-WH-GG – Best White Armless Office Chair BTOD GO-2236M-WH-GG – Best Cheap White Office Chair Things to Consider When Buying a White Office Chair Final Thoughts

1. Best White Mesh – Humanscale Diffrient World
Diffrient World Price as Configured: $934.00 + Free Shipping!

The #1 chair on our list is the Humanscale Diffrient World in Pinstripe mesh seat and back, white frame and white base. Almost the entire chair is white. There are a few pieces that are grey, but overall, the Diffrient World has a really clean, white look. This could also have served as our pick for the best modern white office chair.

The Diffrient World features a tri-panel mesh back design. The mesh is very flexible, and the tri-panel design really allows the mesh to conform to each individual that sits in the chair. The backrest features a large natural curve that provides lumbar support for a wide range of people.

The seat features the same mesh as the backrest. The seat does not have padding but the mesh lets you sink in more than most competing models. It offers a softer sitting experience than most mesh office chairs.

The Diffrient World has a basic set of adjustments, but it also features a weight-sensitive reclining mechanism. This removes the need for levers to lock the chair or change the tension. It will adapt to the specific person using the chair and it will recline accordingly. Overall, the Diffrient World is a nice choice for people that want an all-white, high-end task or conference chair.
Potential Downsides
The 2 biggest downsides with the Diffrient World are its overall lack of adjustability and its high price point. With this configuration, you are paying almost $1,000. I do think the chair is worth the price, but it won’t be in everyone’s budget.

The Diffrient World pairs its weight-sensitive recline system with a very basic adjustment system. You have seat height and seat depth adjustments as standard features. You can choose to upgrade your arms to be adjustable, but it will come at an upcharge. There are no other adjustments you can add to the chair, so people that really like to customize the things on their chair may not be a good fit for the Diffrient World.

2. Best White and Black – Humanscale Freedom w/ Headrest
Freedom with Headrest Price as Configured: $1,129.00 + Free Shipping

Our second pick is another product from Humanscale. This time it is the Freedom with Headrest, and this is our pick for people that are specifically looking for a black and white office chair. You will need to select the Lotus white upholstery with the black frame and matching base option. This gives you a white seat, back, and headrest. Your frame, base and casters are black and then you can choose to have black or matching Lotus white arm pads.

Freedom is one of the best quality chairs we have had the opportunity to test. It is also highly ergonomic with various adjustments to help you fine-tune the chair to your liking. Along with the numerous adjustments, you also have a weight-sensitive mechanism, like the Diffrient World. This removes the need for tension knobs or tilt levers. You will simply recline back and stop where you’d like. The weight-sensitive function will hold you in place.

The headrest on the Freedom chair gives it a more upscale look, which makes it a good option for executives that want a nice, modern-looking ergonomic task chair. The headrest is also great because it helps you to stay in an ergonomic position through the entire recline range. This is one of the only chairs we have tested that allows you to continue to type while being fully reclined.
Potential Downsides
Like the Diffrient World, the biggest downside with the Freedom chair is its high price point. This is another product where I feel the price is justified but simply not an option for everyone.

The next potential downside is that the Lotus upholstery is vinyl, not leather. It is water repellent, easy to clean and really durable but it won’t feel or smell the same as leather.

The final downside I want to bring to your attention is the headrest functionality. It does not stay with the backrest as it reclines. It acts independently and is meant to keep your eyes looking forward through the recline. This is nice for tasking but does not allow you to recline and kick back in your chair.

3. Best White for Ergonomics – Eurotech Seating iOO
iOO Price: $690.00 + Free Shipping

Our 3rd pick is the iOO chair and this is our pick for best white ergonomic office chair. The iOO edged out the Freedom with Headrest by one point in our ergonomic adjustments testing, giving it the highest ergonomic score on our list.

The iOO comes in a black or white version. When you select the white version, it turns the entire frame white. This gives it a sleek, black and white look, making this another nice option for those of you looking for a white and black office chair.

The iOO was our pick for ergonomics because it has every adjustment we look for in an ergonomic chair. It comes standard with seat height, seat depth and back height adjustment, which allows you to adjust the lumbar placement. It also comes standard with 4-dimensional armrests, tilt tension adjustment and 5 lockable backrest positions.

The iOO has a synchro-tilt mechanism, keeping you in a good posture as you recline. It also has the option to add a mesh headrest for an additional $43. The headrest is height and tilt adjustable, so it adds another layer of adjustments on this already highly adjustable chair. It also stays with the backrest through the recline, making it a nice choice for people that like to kick back and relax in their chair.
Potential Downsides
The one major downside is that the iOO does not come in an all-white version. Unfortunately, most of the all-white chairs I have found do not have the ergonomic adjustments that would warrant a pick for best white ergonomic chair. I think the Freedom and iOO are the best options here.-=

Another thing to consider is that the backrest does not go to a full upright position which means that you will always be leaned back slightly. For those of you that like to work in a straight up and down posture, then the iOO will not be a good option.
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4. Best White Leather – Office Star 7270
7270 Price: $365.99 + Free Shipping

The 4th chair on our list is our pick for best white leather office chair. This is a nice option for most people because of its attractive price point and modern design. The 7270 comes in genuine top grain leather, which is pretty rare for a chair at this price point. Most models with a similar design and price point will feature vinyl in order to keep the cost down.

Along with the white leather, you get polished aluminum arms and base. This gives it a more upscale look than competing models with plastic or wood frames. The chair comes with padded loop arms in the same leather upholstery as the rest of the chair. The arms are not adjustable, but the padded leather helps to make them comfortable.

The 7270 features a high back with a built-in lumbar curve to help you stay supported while using the chair. It comes standard with knee tilt mechanism that features pneumatic seat height adjustment, adjustable tilt tension and upright tilt lock. I am a fan of the knee tilt because a lot of chairs in this price range feature lower end swivel tilt mechanisms. A knee tilt mechanism makes the recline experience much more comfortable.

Overall, this is going to be a nice option for those of you that need an affordable white leather office chair to be used in a home office, executive suite or conference room setting.
Potential Downsides
There are a few potential downsides to the 7270. The first is that it is a chair that is imported from China and features some lower quality components. I like that it has real leather and a knee tilt mechanism, but the overall quality of the components are not the same as higher-end chairs.

The second potential downside is that this chair is not adjustable. It only features seat height and tilt tension and tilt lock. If you are looking for an adjustable chair or something to be used for tasking, then this is not a very good option.

5. Best White Modern – BTOD BT-9826H-XX-GG
BT-9826H-XX-GG Price: $245.99 + Free Shipping

Our 5th pick is the BTOD BT-9826H-XX-GG. This chair is similar to the Office Star 7270 but you trade out some quality for a more modern design. The BT-9826H-XX-GG features a high back and it is upholstered in white ribbed faux leather. To really give it a modern look, it comes standard with a polished aluminum base and armrests.

The chair has a few adjustments to help you be more comfortable. It comes equipped with seat height adjustment, tension control and upright tilt lock. It also has a knee-tilt mechanism. The knee-tilt mechanism is very nice to see on a chair that costs less than $250.

This is a nice option for people that are looking for an affordable white leather conference chair. It can also be a nice chair for a home office that is used occasionally because it looks good and will be comfortable for short periods of time while it is used.
Potential Downsides
One major concern for some people is that the BT-9826H-XX-GG is upholstered in a vinyl instead of a real leather. This is what helps to keep the cost so low but it will be a deal-breaker for those of you that want real leather.

Another thing to think about is that it is a lower quality chair on the entire spectrum of office chairs. This is expected for a sub $250 price point. It will not have the same quality parts as higher-end chairs, so it may not last as long, and it may not be as comfortable overall.

6. Best White High Back – Nightingale Manno
Manno Price: $1,154.66 + Free Shipping

Our next chair is one of the highest-end chairs on our list. It is a good option for those of you that are looking for a top-quality high back white leather chair. The Manno is made by Nightingale in Canada with some of the best components available. The leather is high-end top grain leather, offering some of the nicest upholstery on this list.

The back on the Manno is 30”H, when measuring from the top of the seat. It is one of the highest backs available on a white office chair. The top of the backrest offers a nice spot to rest your head and the entire chair is padded in Nightingale’s patented Enersorb Memory Foam.

The Manno also has a nice synchro-tilt recline function and infinite locking positions with tension control. This makes it a nice option for those of you that like to lean back in their chairs a lot.
Potential Downsides
There are a few potential reasons why this chair may not be the best fit for you. The first is that this is not a chair that can be done completely in white. The nylon base and black will both be black.

The arms are padded and wrapped in the same high-end leather as the rest of the chair, but they do not have any adjustments. If you want to be able to move your arms around, then this will not be an option for you.

The final major deterrent is the price. This product is the highest priced option on our list, so it will not be a contender for everyone.

7. Best White Tufted – BTOD BT-444-MID-WH-GG
BT-444-MID-WH-GG Price: $303.99 + Free Shipping

The BT-444-MID-WH-GG is our next chair option. This chair is going to fit a very specific niche that is tough to find in office seating, a white tufted leather office chair. The BT-444-MID-WH-GG features a button-tufted mid-back design.

It comes with padded, fully upholstered arms for added comfort and a nice chrome base, which gives the chair a nice overall look. The BT-444-MID-WH-GG also features a tilt lock mechanism that allows you to lock the chair in the fully upright position and the tension adjustment lets you control how easy it is to rock in the chair.
Potential Downsides
The major drawbacks with the BT-444-MID-WH-GG come down to its build quality. It is a Chinese made chair with a low price point. Most of the components are lower end and they are backed by a lackluster warranty.

The upholstery is also lower end. It is made of LeatherSoft upholstery, which is a vinyl. This will be a way to save on costs, but it doesn’t match the quality of real leather.

The arms also lack adjustment so you will not be able to adapt the chair to you as well as others.

8. Best White and Gold – BTOD BT-9895M-WH-GD-GG
BT-9895M-WH-GD-GG Price: $255.99 + Free Shipping

The BT-9895M-WH-GD-GG offers a nice option for those of you looking for a basic, modern, white and gold office chair. The BT-9895M-WH-GD-GG comes in at an attractive price point while still offering an upscale look.

The white leather offers a nice contrast with the gold arms, base and frame. The chair has a sleek design but still offers a good amount of padding on the seat and back. The back features built-in lumbar support and it also features a coat rack that comes in pretty handy.

For such a low price point, you get a nice recline function. The synchro-tilt mechanism gives you a 2:1 recline ratio, keeping you in a more ergonomic position through the recline. You can also lock the chair in place and control the tension on the recline.

Potential Downsides

The BT-9895M-WH-GD-GG shares the same downsides as our previous chair, the BT-444-MID-WH-GG. This is another low priced option featuring a low-end build with short warranty coverage. The upholstery is not real leather and the arms do not offer any adjustability.

9. Best White Armless – BTOD BT-9836M-2-WH-GG
BT-9836M-2-WH-GG Price: $176.99 + Free Shipping

One of the final products on our list is our selection for the best white armless office chair. The BT-9836M-2-WH-GG offers the most basic design out of all the chairs on our list. This is a mid-back, white office chair with ribbed leather. The chair has a clean look with the white and chrome combination.

The backrest has a built-in coat hanger and there is a natural curve in the back to help give you lumbar support. The BT-9836M-2-WH-GG also gives you some basic functionality with swivel tilt, tilt lock and tension adjustment.
Potential Downsides
The BT-9836M-2-WH-GG’s main drawbacks are its lack of adjustments and low-end components. Like some other products on this list, it is comprised of low-end components, which is why it is available for such a low price point. These parts are not built for the long haul and the short warranty confirms this.

10. Best White Cheap – BTOD GO-2236M-WH-GG
GO-2236M-WH-GG Price: $162.99 + Free Shipping

The final pick on our list is a chair that we recommend for people looking for a cheap white leather office chair. This is a good option for those of you that need a low priced white option for a home office, conference room or executive application.

The GO-2236M-WH-GG features a mid-back design with the top of the backrest being shaped like a pillow. The back also features a built-in lumbar curve for added back support. Both the back and seat are well padded with the seat being 4” thick. The seat also has a waterfall front edge for added comfort.

The GO-2236M-WH-GG does not have many adjustments but the seat height, tilt lock and tension adjustments give you a few things to customize the chair to your liking. The GO-2236M-WH-GG also features padded arms to help make up for the lack of adjustments.
Potential Downsides
The GO-2236M-WH-GG has a cheap price tag, but has the lowest end build quality on this list. There is almost no metal on the chair, so you are also only going to get 2 years of warranty coverage.

If you want genuine leather, then this is another chair to avoid because the LeatherSoft upholstery used is polyurethane infused to cut costs. There is also very little adjustability on the GO-2236M-WH-GG.
Top 3 Things to Consider When Shopping for White Office Chair  1. Upholstery Choices
White office chairs are not as popular as colors like black, brown or blue. This is going to limit the selection of chairs that are available in white. Not only will the chair selection be limited but so will your upholstery options. It is important to have the right expectations when shopping for a white office chair.

You can find options in mesh, leather, vinyl and fabric but the options will be much more limited than the more common colors. The most popular upholstery option on white office chairs is currently vinyl, or other types of fake leather. These are more prevalent because this is the upholstery often used on lower priced chairs and there are more options at the lower price end than the higher end.

Finding genuine white leather can be a challenge because a lot of manufacturers simply do not offer it. The ones that do will typically have many white options in their custom upholstery selection. This means that it needs to be custom ordered, which greatly increases the time it will take to get your chair.

The same is true for fabric. We have several manufacturers that offer a ton of different fabric options without a single one of them being white or even an off white.

Mesh falls into a similar boat but there are more options in it than leather or fabric because of the lower end options being imported from China in white mesh.
2. White shows dirt and scuffs more
The biggest reason why white office chairs are much less common than other colors is that they show dirt, scuffs and blemishes much easier. If you have a vinyl or fabric with washable properties, then it is less concerning because you may be able to wash them.

But, not every spill, stain or blemish can be washed and not all upholsteries can be cleaned at all. When working for hours and hours in the same chair, it can be tough to keep it perfectly clean. Any type of spill or stain will be an issue, so you really need to be careful with things like eating in a white office chair, putting your shoes on a white chair base or touching a white chair with dirty hands. 
3. Not all whites are the same
The final thing to consider when shopping for white office chairs is that not all whites are going to be the same. If you are buying the exact same chair or multiple chairs from the same manufacturer with the same upholstery, then you will be fine.

Mixing and matching white office chairs, from different manufacturers, can be a potential problem. This is also true if you are getting whites from the same manufacturer if the fabrics on them are not from the same upholstery company.

If you are ordering a bunch of white chairs and want them to be the exact same color, then make sure they are using the exact same upholstery.

If you already have some white furniture and want to add a white office chair, then I would recommend ordering upholstery samples of the chair you are considering. Then, you can hold the fabric in your hand and put it against the other pieces in your room to see if it will work.
Final Thoughts
The selection of white office chairs is more limited than the typical black. It can also be tricky to find white chairs when searching online. The 2 factors combined can make shopping for a white office chair discouraging. The good news is there are quite a few white office chair options available to you.

This list is only a fraction of the options available but hopefully, we have presented you with enough options to catch your eye with one or maybe even a few of these chairs. If one ends up being your next chair, then that’s great. If not, use the information you’ve gained here to go and find your perfect white office chair.
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