11 Unexpectedly Useful Things You Can Do With Clear Nail Polish

As much as I love nail polish in general, clear nail polish was never really my “thing.” (You may have already sussed this out on your own based on the number of photos on my blog that show me sporting brightly colored nails!)

But even though I don’t use it on my fingernails, I still keep a bottle of clear nail polish on hand at home. Why, you ask? Well as it turns out, clear nail polish makes a very handy household tool!

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing 11 of the most useful and practical things you can do with a bottle of clear polish. From sealing things up to securing them in place, that little bottle of polish can help you accomplish a whole lot around the house! :-)

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11 Practical Ways To Use Clear Nail Polish 1. Waterproof Your Labels
If you have a paper label that you want to permanently protect from the elements, use clear nail polish! It’s a great way to make sure the labels on your homemade cleaners and other concoctions won’t rub off. (I’ve used it for exactly this purpose and I love it!)
2. Stop Rings From Turning Your Finger Green
Have you ever had to stop wearing a ring that you loved because it kept turning your finger green? You can save those rings with a little bit of clear nail polish!

Just coat the inside and outside of the ring with a thin layer of clear polish, then let it dry completely. Not only will this protect your finger, but it can also protect the ring itself from tarnish.

Bonus Tip: You can also coat troublesome earrings with clear nail polish to prevent them from irritating your earlobes.
3. Stop Runs In Pantyhose
Have a small run or hole in your tights, stockings, or pantyhose? Use clear nail polish to stop it in its tracks! The polish won’t necessarily repair the hole or run, but it will definitely help prevent it from getting any worse!
4. Seal Splinters
Even small splinters in your wooden furniture can snag fabric (and skin too—ouch!) Seal up splinters with a coat of clear nail polish. You can also use clear nail polish to seal small scuffs and dents in wood floors.
5. Waterproof Your Matches
Use clear nail polish to turn standard matches into waterproof matches! Just give the ends a quick dip into the polish bottle to coat and protect the ends. (You want to make sure the layer of polish on the matches is thin, otherwise it could take you a while to light the match later on.)
6. Secure Your Buttons
Sick of shirt buttons that won’t stay put? Coat the threads of each button with a layer of clear nail polish. The polish will reinforce the thread and help prevent breakage. (You can also do this to the ends of shoelaces and ropes to prevent them from fraying.)
7. Thread Needles Easily
If you’re having trouble threading a needle, dip the end of the thread into a bottle of clear nail polish. It will seal the thread and make it easier to slide into the eye of your needle.
8. Seal Envelopes
Licking one envelope to seal it up is no big deal, but if you have more than one envelope to seal, it gets old fast! Use clear nail polish to seal up your envelopes instead. Just paint a layer of polish onto the adhesive strip and press the envelope closed.
9. Prevent Rust Rings
Metal canisters like shaving cream cans can easily leave rust rings in your bath or shower. But with the help of some nail polish, you can prevent those rings from becoming a problem in the first place! Just coat the bottom of the metal canister with clear nail polish and let it dry before you take it into your bath or shower.

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10. Secure Tiny Screws
One of my pet peeves is when those tiny screws in my reading glasses start coming loose. That’s why I was so delighted to discover that you can use clear nail polish to keep those screws in place!

Just spread a thin layer of polish over the head of the screw to keep it snug and secure. (My reading glasses last so much longer now that I do this.)
11. Make Your Hangers Snag-Free
Even the tiniest imperfections on the surface of wooden and plastic hangers can snag delicate fabrics. If you plan to use a hanger to hang something delicate, grab your clear nail polish first.

Coat any areas of the hanger that could cause snags, like splinters, threads, etc. It only takes a minute to do, and it is a great way to protect your delicate clothing!
A Note About Clear Nail Polishes
If you don’t have a clear nail polish on hand and are looking to buy one, you might encounter a few different kinds. So in order to clarify things for you (pun intended), here’s a quick explanation of each:
Regular Clear Nail Polish – The standard stuff is just like a colored nail polish, except that it’s clear. It will work fine for most of the uses listed above, but depending on the quality, it could chip or peel over time. Clear Base Coat – A base coat is designed to prevent yellowing and nourish your fingernails. They often contain ingredients like proteins and vitamin E to strengthen nails. It’s probably not the best choice for these uses, but may work fine in a pinch! Clear Top Coat – The purpose of a top coat is to seal, protect, and add shine. A clear top coat is a great choice for any of the tips listed above, and will likely last the longest.
Do you use clear nail polish around the house?
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