111 Times Cats Hilariously Fell For The “Traps” Their Owners Set Up To Catch Them (New Pics)

Ah, cats. The neverending source for internet memes and entertainment for their owners. The adorable critters never cease to amaze humans with their behavior, especially when it comes to making themselves comfortable in the most random of places. Whether it’s a box, a sink, or a spot way more unexpected than that, they often leave their owners with no other choice but to document them curled up in places around the house.

That’s why the gallery of arguably every cat owner is typically filled with ‘If I fits, I sits’ kind of moments and other gems depicting life with a feline. An abundance of such adorable pictures can be found on ‘The Cat Trap Is Working’ subreddit. Owners establish “traps” the kitties can’t resist—everyone knows that no box is left unoccupied when there’s a cat around—and watch them fall for the set up. We have gathered some of their best examples of cats being “trapped”, which you will find on the list below. Scroll down and enjoy the images of these derpy lovable creatures.

#1 Mochi Loves To Trap Herself In The Wastebin And Will Happily Stay Put

Image credits: juicypoops

#2 Trap Queen

Image credits: Educational_Net_8943

#3 Appropriately Labeled Trap

Image credits: tikitessie

#4 The Power Of The Sun

Image credits: ForestReverie

#5 This Meal Prepping Stuff Is Easy

Image credits: ChiliSwap

#6 I'm Out Of Ideas

Image credits: tarter_sauce12

#7 The Face Says It All

Image credits: emmashawn

#8 Where Does The Rest Of My 18lb Maine Coone Fit In This Box???

Image credits: thickthighsdickrize

#9 Two Cats One Box

Image credits: Less_Nail5958

#10 I Bought Some Snacks And I Found This

Image credits: ----entropy----

#11 She Prefers The Box To The Sword

Image credits: Dorian-greys-picture

#12 Been Working On A Puzzle And Just Finished The Border…. Guess It Also Functions As A Cat Trap ??‍♂️

Image credits: jaymi321

#13 He Used The Full Power Of His One Brain Cell To Sit In The Special Box

Image credits: DaisyRa1n

#14 Back Off Sharon! This Is Gary's Cat Trap!

Image credits: Ksilverstar25

#15 16 Weeks Old And Trapped Already!

Image credits: thorisabore

#16 New Year’s Eve Party In A Box

Image credits: spammy711

#17 Pretty Effective Trap

Image credits: janetcw

#18 Cat-Trappuccino - Compliments Of Starbucks

Image credits: Kindly-Ad7018

#19 Missy's Very Favorite Box

Image credits: Darkmoonlily78

#20 More Old Pics Of My Old Gentleman Isaac Politely Allowing Himself To Be Trapped

Image credits: pocket-sauce

#21 Coat Was On The Floor For Less Than A Minute

Image credits: CharizardisBae

#22 Trapped?! Moi? You Must Mousetaken!

Image credits: jennysoftpaws

#23 My Cats Upgraded Their Traps Since We Got A Baby, The Usual Traps Remain Empty

Image credits: mmbtc

#24 There's No Keeping This One Off The Counter So We Placed A Decoy Box To Lure Him In

Image credits: Ranolden

#25 Laundry Baskets Are The Greatest Cat Trap!

Image credits: mom2two08

#26 Raspberry Ripple Couldn't Resist The Box

Image credits: Aislabie

#27 Chairs/Stools Work As A Combo Trap & Jail

Image credits: SeaLass34

#28 Pookie Fell For The Trap

Image credits: trythisfuckingone

#29 Prison Overcrowding Is Ridiculous

Image credits: DexterCutie

#30 Trapped Then Nap

Image credits: Me0wyLady

#31 He Doesn’t Know Why He Sat In The Box Either…

Image credits: tomato_soup_

#32 Meet Cricket, My Family’s 19 Year Old Cat! Parents Went Into The Basement To Wrap Gifts And Sent This Pic In The Family Chat

Image credits: ginger2020

#33 Tiny Warm Trap Catches Two

Image credits: Spants23

#34 A Blanket Can Be An Excellent Trap. They Said We Look Alike. Lol. I Don’t See It

Image credits: Uncle-Rob-115

#35 This Is Ms. Ni’s Favorite Bag. I Removed The Handle From Her Neck, Only To Come Back And Find She’s Stuck Her Head There Again. Double Cat Trap!

Image credits: saucity

#36 Walked Into The Bathroom To This

Image credits: ChiliSwap

#37 Well, Close

Image credits: sirius_the_tuxie

#38 Wanda

Image credits: LechugaParty

#39 Attempted To Start Organizing My Desk… It Is No Longer **my** Desk

Image credits: librarybethany

#40 Poe Tato Enjoying The Crinkley Cat Trap On The Stairs

Image credits: BettinaStace

#41 Caught A Floof Using Only A Standard Clothes Hanger

Image credits: whatfredsaid

#42 I Think My Cat Is Broken. Must He The Mysterious Workings Of The Sink Trap

Image credits: cinfinator

#43 Decoy Keyboard Trap Is Working!

Image credits: Dizzy_Journalist4486

#44 Hmmm, It Appears That Rectangular Traps Lure Standard Issue Cats, And Square Traps Lure Tuxedos! You're Welcome! :d

Image credits: Im_Asia

#45 Box-Ception

Image credits: KBarn86

#46 Caught A Void In About 5 Minutes!

Image credits: hugsanddrugs42

#47 Cat In A Basket

Image credits: sniffo4president

#48 Professional Portrait Trap

Image credits: 34Marvin

#49 Kitty, This Is Not A Good Idea

Image credits: OonaMistwalker

#50 Please Do Not

Image credits: tarter_sauce12

#51 Catception

Image credits: crocoala

#52 And Here I Was Thinking I’d Finished The Laundry…

Image credits: drekicreations

#53 The Surest Trap For This Calico Is Making The Bed

Image credits: EsseLeo

#54 I Can’t Believe He’s Actually Using The Box I Bought Him!

Image credits: CyborgKnitter

#55 I Told My Wife There Was No Point Buying An Expensive Trap

Image credits: snotfart

#56 Cecil Is The Most Interesting Cat Alive

Image credits: tagehring

#57 I Was Hoping This Toy Would Be A Hit But, All He Does Is This

Image credits: graycegal

#58 No Vet Please

Image credits: forschaaa

#59 Snorkels Has Been Contained (And Given Pets)

Image credits: slekrons

#60 Ruby Truly Believes She's A Pan Of Brownies

Image credits: dinotacosocks

#61 Got Him!

Image credits: terraluna0

#62 Just The Right Size

Image credits: Darkmoonlily78

#63 We Only Leave One Radiator On Before Exiting The House. This Is What We Always Return Home To

Image credits: maaarie

#64 He Likes To Sit On The Laundry Basket, As Soon As I Open The Bathroom Door ? 100% Effective Cattrap!

Image credits: SkylerNightmare

#65 Little Boy Got Caught

Image credits: tictactastytaint

#66 What Trap!? I Sits Because I Fits

Image credits: LizardManelli

#67 Astrid, I Just Want To Draw

Image credits: ChekovsCurlyHair

#68 Trapped The Deaf Boss And His Minions

Image credits: Me0wyLady

#69 Trapped By Laundry!

Image credits: TrapRag

#70 Coming Over From R/Quilting To Show Boris Demonstrating The Quilted Cat Coaster

Image credits: Puzzleheaded-Leg-599

#71 I Don't Think He Realizes He's Just One Turn Of A Faucet Handle Away From A Big Surprise

Image credits: Kindly-Ad7018

#72 Beauty In A Box ?

Image credits: Scarlett-Demon

#73 Some Handsome Boy In My Dad’s Garage

Image credits: soma_tra

#74 Caught This One While Putting Away Decorations A While Back

Image credits: sparkyinmt

#75 I’d Really Prefer He Didn’t Get Trapped In My Clean Pot

Image credits: Ella0508

#76 Alfons And Bertil Is Trapped In My Pants…

Image credits: Lx3me

#77 “Im In A Box!”

Image credits: watsonsound

#78 There's An Obstacle On The Green

Image credits: JasonBall34

#79 The Most Effective Trap. Got Them All At Once

Image credits: dragonsnbutterflies

#80 Cat Acquired Now Angrily Staring Down Birds

Image credits: Crayonsniffer24

#81 Do Heating Pads Count?

Image credits: Rain_xo

#82 IKEA Bagged A Lilli

Image credits: Lyssepoo

#83 Textbook Trapping I Found From 2016. My Old Man Isaac Could Never Resist

Image credits: pocket-sauce

#84 Not Sure If Charlie Is Trapped Or Is The Trap

Image credits: TheREALStallman

#85 I'm Not Sure What's Going On Here But I'm Fairly Certain Fizzgig Is Breaking The Laws Of Physics

Image credits: squishedgoomba

#86 Mommy Cat Hunting Tiny Screw Driver

Image credits: tjdux

#87 Best Way To Catch A Cat: Put Your Freshly Dry Cleaned Clothes Down. Guaranteed Catch Within 30 Seconds!

Image credits: ChiliSwap

#88 The Cat Trap Is… Not Working?

Image credits: MadCatMephi

#89 Magnus Thinks He's Laundry

Image credits: webcomic_snow

#90 All According To Plan

Image credits: Crazy_Tomatillo18

#91 Got Myself A Real Cutie

Image credits: Fit_Bug9911

#92 Cat, Prepared Fresh Everyday

Image credits: Pheeline

#93 Got A New Office Chair. Trap Worked Within Seconds Of Emptying The Box

Image credits: schokoman111

#94 Got A Cuffing Spot, Some Coffee. Time For Animal Crossing…….never Mind

Image credits: Evilkymonkey_1977

#95 Dr. Carl Mangerman Is Ready To Listen

Image credits: HbeforeG

#96 Khajiit Has Wares

Image credits: im-actually-a-cat

#97 This Is Bingus. He's My Sister's Housemate's Cat

Image credits: eddie1721

#98 Opened A Drawer... Guess I Can Never Shut It Again!

Image credits: Im_Asia

#99 A Simple Trap For A Simple Cat

Image credits: onlybaloney

#100 Finnegan Perfectly Trapped By My Expensive And Fragile E-Ink Tablet

Image credits: pocket-sauce

#101 We Were Surprised That Cleffa Wasn’t Trying To Join Our Thanksgiving Feast—turns Out It’s Because My Sister Trapped Him!

Image credits: PunkWithAGun

#102 On Top Of My Xbox Is Her Favorite Spot In The House

Image credits: undercover_cheetah

#103 I Left My New Jeans Out While I Went Out, Came Back To This Trap Situation

Image credits: reyrain

#104 Shoe???

Image credits: DannyTheOctoling

#105 Caught Some Big Game In This Small Trap

Image credits: CrazyBleakUnicorn

#106 I'm Sorry, It's The Only Size We Have In Stock

Image credits: CarNyxus

#107 It Never Fails

Image credits: Adventurous-Bid-7914

#108 I Was Looking For Him Everywhere. I Didn’t Even Know I Had That Trap Out

Image credits: my_memory_is_trash

#109 I Made Him A Bed Out Of Recycled Material. It's Working

Image credits: Educational_Fan4571

#110 Works Every Time

Image credits: Feeling-Bird4294

#111 We Caught An Orange One

Image credits: ThemeRevolutionary17