20+ Gifts Kids Can Make For Mom

In the afternoon, children can make a present for their mother. Whether it is for Mother’s Day, Christmas, Chanukah, or a birthday, these presents show off children’s creativity and their love for their mother. These items also make personalized presents for an aunt or grandmother. You will find below a list of 20+ Gifts Kids Can Make For Mom!

Make A Wind Chime From Recycled Items

A fun gift kids can make for their mom is a Wind Chime. Gather items for the wind chime and make sure they are the same type of material, such as metal (measuring spoons, washers, nails, forks, etc.) or wood (clothespins, chopsticks, spoons, etc). Avoid mixing metal, wood, and plastic in the same wind chime because the sounds won’t be as musical.

Cut several pieces of string about twelve inches in length. Tie one end to the object and the other end to a sturdy twig, about twelve inches long, or a coat hanger (use a metal hanger for metal objects, or a plastic hanger for plastic objects).

Tie the strings approximately two inches apart so the pieces will strike each other when they move. Before knotting the strings, listen to the sound of the objects striking one another. Move the objects around if necessary. Tie an eighteen-inch piece of string to either end of the branch (the coat hangers have hooks). Mom will be able to hang this wind chime somewhere she’ll hear the sound when a breeze blows.

Decorated Flower Vase

A decorated flower vase is always a well received gift that kids can make for their mom. Recycle a glass bottle or jar by covering it with scraps of yarn from a yarn stash. Squeeze some regular white glue onto the top part of the jar and spread it over the outside with fingertips. Wash the glue off the hands. Then, wrap the bottle around and around with yarn so that each round of yarn is pressed against the previous round. Work small sections at a time, so the glue doesn’t run down the glass. Avoid using too much glue because then the yarn will slide down the glass.

Allow the finished yarn-covered jar or bottle to dry. Mix some of the white glue with a little water. Paint the glue and water mixture over the rows of yarn. Let dry. Try this technique with a covered jar and fill with homemade bath salts.

Paper Bead Necklace

Another personalized gift kids can make for their mom is a paper bead necklace. Turn magazine or catalog pages into a paper beads. Don’t worry about what the picture is because it won’t be clear in the finished bead. Measure a two-inch base for a triangle along one side of a piece of paper and, with a ruler, draw an angled line to the opposite side of the page so to form a triangle. Cut out and continue drawing and cutting triangles until there are twenty shapes.

Don’t worry if the edges are ragged or the shapes aren’t perfectly triangular; it won’t show in the finished bead. Lay a pencil against the base of the triangle. Now, roll the triangle up to a point, adding small drops of glue along the way. Add a dot of white glue to the point and press it against the tube to hold it in place. Slide the bead off the pencil and set aside for it to dry.

Continue until all the triangles are beads. Mix regular white glue with some water and paint over the beads. Allow drying. String the dry beads onto crochet thread or beading string. Alternate the paper beads with glass, wood, or plastic beads. Tie the ends of the string together.

With a little time, patience, and creativity, children can make a wind chime from recycled wood or metal items, a vase from a bottle or jar and scraps of yarn, or a beaded necklace from magazine pages.

20+ Gifts Kids Can Make For Mom

20+ Gifts Kids Can Make For Mom


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Hoping you like the above list of Gifts Kids Can Make For Mom! These handmade gifts can go to mom, an aunt, or a grandmother. If you are looking for other craft inspirations, you can look at our craft section HERE!

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