How about some easy cleaning tips for streak free mirrors? There’s nothing like trying to brush your teeth or put on your makeup in a mirror that’s so streaky you can hardly see yourself. But with these easy cleaning tips, you won’t have to worry about streaky mirrors anymore!

Easy Cleaning Tips for Streak Free Mirrors
One of the biggest hurdles to a streak free bathroom mirror is all the over spray from toothpaste and hair styling products they come into contact with. Pay special attention to these things before cleaning your mirrors. The residues produce streaks no matter how many times you wipe the mirror. Here is what you should do to ensure streak free mirrors in every room of your home:
Look closely at the mirror, especially bathroom mirrors. Any toothpaste and soap spatters or over spray from hair products must be addressed before cleaning the entire mirror surface. Use a cotton pad dipped in rubbing alcohol to pre-treat and remove the residues from toothpaste, soap and hair products. Just dab on alcohol to dissolve and remove the stains. Check out these other ways to clean with rubbing alcohol! You don’t need expensive window and glass cleaners to clean your mirrors without streaks. All you need is vinegar!

For the best mirror and glass cleaner, simply mix white vinegar with distilled water at a 50-50 ratio. Pour into a spray bottle and label it for glass and mirrors. Stick to microfiber glass cleaning cloths for streak free mirrors. Paper towels leave behind lint and fibers, and don’t do a great job at eliminating streaks. Microfiber glass cleaning cloths have a tight weave made for leaving a streak free shine on glass and mirrors. Spray the vinegar and water solution directly onto a microfiber cloth, and use it to wipe in a zig-zag motion across your mirror, from top to bottom.
Follow these easy cleaning tips for amazingly beautiful, streak free mirrors!