My quarantine life has been all about making all the things I put off for months. That’s where these painted wood frames came in. I’ve had a stack of these that I bought last year and every time I walk through the garage I feel like they looked at me, eagerly, waiting to be transformed. Well, last night I finally brought them in my studio!

I assembled them with prints of some of my paintings, and they are now for sale in my shop. $25, and free shipping with the code: brighterdays

I had a friend ask me to share the process so here it is!

Buy some blank wood frames at the craft store, or you can find them online here!

You’ll also need sandpaper, craft paints, brushes, a cup of water to rinse your brushes, and gloss sealer. You can use spray or brush-on, I use both by Mod Podge.

Sand the frames down do they are smooth. Add one coat of your favorite color, let dry and add another.

It all depends on the look you want, I love bold brights, so I use three coats. Let dry and add accents, let dry and then use the spray sealer. You may need to attach a hanger on the back.

Thanks for reading my post! Let me know if you make and painted wood frames!

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