30 Breezy Summer Front Porch Decorating Ideas

A comfortable front porch is the perfect spot to spend time in the warmer months. Not only can it relax you, it can make your neighborhood feel more welcoming. Summer is all about bright and cheers vibes, thus you can decorate your front porch with that vibes. You can decorate your front porch with some blooming flowers, either for wreaths or flower pots. Adding a rattan hanging outdoor chair to a breezy summer front porch can add elegance and function to the space. A few brightly painted mismatched chairs set the stage for a summertime soiree, while a rattan hanging chair adds a sophisticated touch. A natural fiber doormat and Adirondack chairs also give the porch a seaside feel. Moreover, you can add a pop of color to your front porch through the pillows and rugs. A bright pillow and patterned rug can be your options. To make it more attractive, you can opt for placing a summer sign to welcome your guests. The following below are some ideas for you. Let’s check them out!

30 breezy summer front porch decorating ideas1

Modern Look Summer Front Porch

Porch is the perfect place to relax on a beautiful summer day. And when you find two pots of sufficient size and height, just use them as the right planter and of course they can be used as outdoor focal points. Arrange everything on this porch as neatly as possible by using only the main outdoor furniture, the bench equipped with throw pillows becomes a conversation zone that can be used with a partner. Just fill the planter pot with the same type of flower, hydrangea flower is the right choice.

Swing for Seating Areas

The comfortable wooden swing is perfect for a shaded porch in the summer, but it’s a good idea to repaint it for a shinier look. You can relax while enjoying the beautiful outdoor view. To maximize the decoration of this front porch, you can create a colorful conversation area to spend the summer. An easy way you can do is apply some flowers that are blooming around the outdoor furniture that is used.

Classic Front Porch Design

These two planter pots filled with fern plants help keep you on the right track to good summer vibes. You can put it right in front of the entrance as a natural decoration that can be easily found in the backyard garden. A wooden summer sign and a painting of blooming flowers amplify the outer appeal to emphasize a classic summer touch that never goes out of style. A brick wall will save your budget.

Farmhouse Style Summer Porch

Farmhouse style will not go out of style all year round. Therefore you can apply it directly to the summer porch decoration. This bench, which is equipped with a summer pattern of throw pillows, becomes a very comfortable sitting area for use with your partner or family. Next, just coat the floor with a rattan woven carpet for a warmer foot surface, the lantern is suitable lighting for use when it’s getting dark outside.

Tropical Plants Decoration

Two types of tropical plants that are placed right next to the entrance become natural decorations that can emphasize the summer theme this year. Just choose and use this plant with a size large enough so that it can be used as an initial welcome for guests who come to your home. It’s not enough to get here, you also need to take care and give fertilizer regularly and maximally so that this plant can develop properly and optimally. The combination of black and white that dominates this porch brings a monochromatic theme instantly.

Door Hanger Decoration

Don’t let your front door decoration look plain and boring, now you can decorate it according to the summer theme this year. Decorations that you can try are hanging wreaths that can be applied to both sides of the front door. You can assemble this wreath yourself with natural materials that are around your home. Lemons with fresh greenery make the right combination of ingredients and are suitable for a beautiful summer theme.

American Independence Summer Porch

Celebrate American freedom all summer long with color and focus on the main message by placing a fairly large American flag in the pot stand area. This American-inspired throw mat and pillow looks spectacular. All of these designs are ready to enliven your front porch decoration this year. Don’t forget to keep adding several different types of plants such as flowers that are blooming and ferns that thrive.

Summer Front Porch Living

Use your front porch as an outdoor living room area for a different look that you can easily get. Currently you can put a swing and a coffee table in this area as a combination of furniture that will work well together to accompany your relaxing time outdoors. Swing with teak wood is the best choice which is very sturdy and not easily porous when used for a long period of time. Finish off the decor with a layer of striped rug and some potted plants or flowers that are beautifully blooming.

Greenery Plants Porch Decoration

Green plants are the best decoration that you can apply to your summer porch decoration. You can move plants in your garden using several pots of different sizes and types. Use a plant stand so that the pot that is placed looks clearer and is suitable for use as an initial welcome for guests who come. Greenery wreath is a front door decoration that you can hang using nails or a hook, the welcome sign is a very good complement.

Blooming Flower for Summer Porch

These various types of blooming flowers have different colors so that they look more colorful and make the summer front porch more lively. The application of this flower can be on the wall area or it can also be hung to the ceiling using a rope that is quite sturdy. So that this flower can bloom throughout the day, you can do watering regularly. In addition to flowers, you can also plant green plants in addition to natural colors that can blend in perfectly.

Fresh Up Door Decoration

One way to freshen up your front door is to hang a lemon wreath that looks beautiful when used as a summer decoration this year. You can design this wreath yourself as best as you can according to your taste. Besides that, another advantage that you can get is that this wreath design is always stylish throughout the summer. The yellow corner chair becomes a sitting area that you can use to relax during the day while enjoying the outdoor view.

Summer Outdoor Dining Room

Take advantage of your front porch area as an outdoor dining room in summer. This decoration will give you a new atmosphere at dinner or lunch. The thing you need to pay attention to right now is the lighting that will illuminate your night when you are outdoors. Hanging lantern lamp, candle holder and a vintage themed table lamp are the right combination of lighting and provide a warm atmosphere in this porch dining room decoration.

Colorful Outdoor Furniture

If you need a sitting area on the summer front porch decoration, then just use a wooden chair that has been repainted with lively colors. You can apply this paint with a mix of blue, yellow, red and green. All of these colors will work well together to make the porch area more colorful and lively. Use teak wood for the design of this chair so that it is durable enough and not easily porous when used for a long period of time.

Stand Planters Decoration

No need to worry when you have a porch decoration with limited space. For now, you can use several plant stands for the layout of the pot to make it more well-organized. Just put it right next to the entrance as a decoration that can bring a touch of summer instantly. Use only two to three types of flowers that can bloom throughout this summer. Take care for the final results of plants that are fresher and of course they can develop properly and optimally.

Summer Vibes Door Mat

Another way that you can present to emphasize the summer theme on the porch decoration is to use several decorations as well as a door mat with a fresh lemon pattern. This lemon pattern looks very bold and makes this porch more alive. Reply this lemon pattern mat with a plaid pattern mat that is dominated by a combination of black and white. If you are going to add a plant pot, then before that you can repaint it first using bright colors such as yellow, white and green.

Floral Basket Wreath Ideas

Don’t always design a wreath with a round shape. Now you can use a different design for a more unique look too. For example, using a rattan wicker basket as a place for a flower arrangement that blooms beautifully. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also initialize your name on the outer surface of the basket using black paint so that it can be seen more clearly. With this, the wreath basket is ready to hang on your front door.

DIY Summer Front Porch Ideas

Are you one of those people who have high enough creativity? If so, then you can use it to decorate the front porch to make it look more festive and fun. DIY flamingo is one of the crafts that you can make and can be placed on several planter pots that you use. Not only that, but you can also design a wreath with several different ornaments assembled into one. This wreath design consists of sandal ornaments, monstera leaves and pink flamingos.

Pop of Color Front Porch Decoration

There’s nothing wrong with adding a different color to your summer porch decor. Pink is the right color choice that you can try right now. This pop color is in the use of floral wreath, blooming flowers, splashes on the doormat and throw pillows that are neatly arranged on a wooden bench. The combination of black, white, pink and brick wall colors can work well together to produce a modern farmhouse design that never goes out of style. When you want a fragrant aroma in the porch area, you can use flowers in your garden.

Bold Yellow Color Chair

If you need a sitting area on the summer front porch decoration, then you can use a rattan chair that has been repainted in a bright yellow color. This chair can be perfected with a matching throw pillow. Next, combine this chair with a patterned ottoman table that you can use to put a magazine and a glass of lemon drink. With this decoration, the porch can be used as a comfortable sitting area all day in the summer.

Watermellon Shaped Door Mat

Look at the door mat design that is placed on the summer front porch decoration, isn’t it very suitable and attracts attention? Yes, you can try using a watermellon mat that has the same color as the original color. The existence of this fruit mat is also perfected with hanging wreaths, plaid throw pillows and a pot that has a red color too. Neatly arranged green plants and flowers are natural decorations that can be found in your backyard garden.

Neutral Scheme Color Porch

Make your porch decoration as comfortable as possible with the right decoration. The white nuance that dominates this porch will never fail and is ready to be combined with several types of plants that can be placed around it. Usually this white color scheme is used to instantly emphasize the farmhouse theme. Just apply white to the use of wall paint, framed windows and door frames made of wood.

Repaint Planters Colored

When you are going to use the pot in the summer front porch decoration, it’s a good idea to paint it first with several bright colored options. For example, you can paint in blue and bright red. Both have a fairly contrasting color combination and are ready to be used as a focal point outdoors. Just put some of these pots in the entrance staircase area as a decoration that can blend with nature. In addition, pay attention to the selection of plants that can live and develop well throughout the summer.

Botanical Summer Porch

Greenery never fails to decorate your home and in any style or season. For now, you can use several types of green plants in the front porch decoration area as a natural decoration that can blend with nature optimally and perfectly. Botanical vibes can also be obtained instantly in this outdoor area. You can place each type of plant at the right and neat distance so as not to interfere with the main function of this summer porch decoration.

DIY Summer Sign Ideas

You can use a board with a fairly high size as an initial welcome for guests or family who come to your home. For example, you can turn it into a summer sign that you can repaint with the appropriate color selection. Yellow, orange and red are the right color combinations. Not only summer signs, but you can also add other decorations such as hand-crafted wreaths and two layers of colorful doormats.

Vintage Galvanized Wreath

Do you have a galvanized basket that is no longer in use? If so, then you can reuse it as a wreath decoration that you can hang on your front door. With the use of galvanized wreath, the front porch decoration will look more vintage and of course very simple. This wreath series consists of various types of blooming flowers. In addition to wreath, you can also use green plants as an additional natural decoration that will add a natural feel.

Colorful Mat Decoration

In addition to green plants and wreath that are made as one of the decorations for the summer front porch, you can also use other ways to perfect it. For example, you can add a colorful knitted mat. When you can knit it yourself, do you do it without having to buy it to save more expenses. Use a fun and cheerful mix of rainbow colors. Furthermore, two candle lanterns placed right next to the entrance also provide quite warm lighting.

Shabby Chic Summer Front Porch

The shabby chic theme will never be left behind when applied to any room decoration, including the front porch on your terrace. This theme usually uses several floral patterns that can be applied to the use of throw pillows or blankets that are on a bench or chair. The white nuance that dominates the porch area makes the floral pattern look bolder. The presence of vines and potted green plants makes this area look fresher and cooler during the day.

Colorful Striped Rug

Don’t just use flowers or green plants to add a touch to your front porch decoration. For now, try to use a layer of rug in the area of ​​placement of chairs and small tables as warm and comfortable footwear. This colorful rug which has a striped pattern looks festive and fun. In addition, its presence also makes your porch decoration more lively, ending with the use of a throw pillow that has a flamingo pattern with a beautiful pink color dominance.

Pastel Pink Door Paint Decor

Pink is one of the best colors that you can apply to the summer front porch decoration this year. This color also has a feminine touch that is beautiful and never fails. Just apply it to the use of front door paint, wreath flowers and a canvas that has a pink background too. It’s not enough to stop here, so that this pink color looks more charming, you can combine it with plain white shiplap wall paint, with this the porch decoration will look more elegant.

Floral Pattern Carpet Ideas

You can display a more elegant porch decoration with a rug layer that has a patterned fit for this summer. You can use a floral pattern that has a mix of blue, yellow and green. These three colors will work well together to be used as an outdoor focal point because they have beautiful bold colors. The tropical plants that surround it are additional summer decorations that you can get in your backyard garden without having to buy them.