6 Ways to Build Your Own DIY HDTV Antenna for Cheap

Youve heard its possible to build your own HDTV antenna to receive digital terrestrial (DVB-T) signals. It sounds like a good idea, and a big saving. Youre planning on cutting the cord, and this sounds ideal. But is it possible?

Yes, it is! Here are six ways you can build your own HDTV antenna using household items.

Reasons to Build a DIY HDTV Antenna

So, why might you opt for a DIY antenna for your digital TV reception? Couldnt you just buy one of the best TV antennas? Use cable or satellite instead?

Well, several reasons spring to mind:

  • Over the air TV is cheaper than cable, and you want to cut the cord (but first consider these cord-cutting pitfalls).
  • You cant afford a factory-built antenna.
  • Your antenna has blown down in a storm and you need a replacement fast.
  • You just like making your own gear.

Whatever is motivating you to build your own HDTV antenna, you have several options. Each of these follows a slightly different design, and they can all be constructed using household items.

It doesnt matter how low your budget is. If you want to receive digital TV signals over the air, these four antenna builds are ideal.

Once youre done, you should be able to receive the usual OTA TV channels. If youre cutting the cord you should pair these free TV channels up with a low-cost media streamer, such as an Amazon Fire TV Stick or a Raspberry Pi running Kodi.

1. A Homemade TV Antenna From a Paperclip