75 Best DIY Easter Wreaths

Make your front door look festive for spring with these colorful and creative DIYEaster wreaths. There are Easter bunny wreaths, floral wreaths, Easter egg wreaths, Easter candy wreaths and much more to choose from.

Floral DIY Easter Wreaths

Coral & Peach Tulip Wreath
foam wreath + satin ribbon + silk tulips

Spring Carrot Wreath
scissors +tulip bushes+wire cutters +green burlap ribbon +greens +wire

5-Minute Umbrella Wreath
silk flowers + umbrella with a hooked handle + ribbon

Spring Tulip Wreath
large tulips + grapevine wreath + burlap ribbon + letter & craft paint

Rain Boot Wreath
artificial tulips + navy and white chevron ribbon + rain boots

Five Minute Dollar Store Spring Forsythia Wreath
grapevine wreath + faux forsythia branches + twine

Easter Galvanized Bucket with Tulips (source unknown)

Spring Tulip Wreath
grapevine wreath +tulip bunches +ribbon

Floral Monogram
Chicken wire+ floral foam + flowers + floral pins and wire

Garden Hose Spring Wreath
garden hose +twist tie +flowers +butterfly clip +garden gloves +ribbon

Bunny Easter Wreaths

Easter Bunny Wreath
metal wreath form +white feather boas +hot pink felt +glue gun

Spring Pom Pom Wreath
yarn +white felt +blue embroidery thread +fabric scraps +twine +mini easter eggs +hot glue +wreath form

Bunny Wreath
foam pipe cover + white fur yarn + vinyl coated wire + ribbon + white fabric + pink paper

Grapevine Bunny Wreath
grapevine wreaths + vine wreaths +brownwire + ribbon + glue gun +tiny flowers and vines

Burlap Easter Bunny Door Hanger (source unknown)
burlap fabric + no sew glue or bonding agent (e.g. Stitch Stitchless) + stuffing + chevron burlap ribbon + raffia

Bunny Wreath II
wire hangers + foam wreath + chunky yarn + ribbon for hanging

Felt Bunny Door Hanger
bow +basket + brown felt + flowers

Bakers Twine Spring Wreath
foam wreath +bakers twine +Easter picks, flowers, etc. + floral pins + bunting + alphabet stickers

Bunny Boxwood Wreath
Cant find the source for this particular wreath, but here is a tutorial for a similar one

Burlap and Moss Easter Bunny Wreath
straw wreath + moss rolls +burlap ribbon + floral tape +hydrangea +glue gun + sewing pins

Bunny Wreath

Easter Egg Wreaths

Rustic Egg Wreath
grapevine wreath + flowers + painted eggs

Easter Egg Wreath
grapevine wreath +moss +painted eggs +flowers stems +hot glue

Mossy Easter Egg Wreath (source unknown)
Spanish moss + grapevine wreath + pastel Easter eggs + ribbon + glue gun

String Easter Egg Wreath
embroidery floss + water balloon + liquid starch + ribbon

Spring Grass Easter Wreath
2 old picture frame + fake grass + plastic eggs + spray paint + brown acrylic paint + ribbon

Easy Bunny Burlap Wreath
burlap ribbon +lime green burlapribbon +pinkwired ribbon +carrots + bunny sign + easter eggs + glue gun

Easter Egg Mesh Wreath
green, pink and blue deco mesh rolls +straw wreath + greenery pins + egg picks

DIY Easter Wreath with Gold Leaf Speckled Eggs
grapevine wreath + paper mch eggs + gold leaf kit + pastel acrylic paints + Mod Podge + glue gun

Easy Spring Burlap Wreath
wire wreath form +burlap ribbons +embellishments

Spring Wreath
nest with eggs + grapevine wreath + floral pins + burlap ribbon + floral & green garland

Grass & Egg Wreath
green eyelash yarn + various sized eggs + coordinating colored ribbons

Candy Wreath
ribbon + Easter egg candy + foamwreath

Easy Burlap Easter Egg Wreath (source unknown)
burlap ribbon + wire wreath + Easter eggs + glue gun + floral wire
Here is a tutorial for how to make the burlap wreath

Plastic Egg Wreath
easter eggs + easter grass + cardboard for base + ribbon

Yarn Egg Wreath (source unknown)
yarn + cheap plastic eggs + glue gun + foam wreath form
Just wrap the yarn around the eggs and glue onto a wreath form

Speckled Egg Wreath
paper mache eggs + aluminum jewelry wire +acrylic paints +ribbon +toothbrush

Affordable DIY Easter Egg Wreath
straw wreath +mini eggs + ribbon + glue gun

Last Minute Easter Wreath
twig wreath +forsythia garland + plastic eggs+ ric rac ribbon + glue gun

Natural Spring Wreath
oval grapevine wreath +round grapevine wreath +sheet moss +floral wire +letter +mod podge +scrapbook paper

Spring Wreath
grapevine wreath + burlap fabric + moss + easter eggs + robins egg blue spray paint + glue gun

Washi Tape Easter Egg Wreath
all-white plastic eggs + washi tape + foam wreath + ribbon + glue gun

Framed Happy Easter Door Hanger
wooden eggs +wooden frame + screw eye hooks +alphabet stickers +yellow ribbon +acrylic craft paints

Dollar Store Nest Wreath
foam wreath + twine + grapevine wreaths + foam eggs + craft paint

Other DIY Easter Wreaths

Peep Wreath
Peeps+ foamwreath + toothpicks + pink burlap ribbon + floral pin

Another Peeps Wreath
cardboard base + Peeps + easter grass + glue gun

Easy Dollar Tree Wreath
deco mesh +wire wreath form +wire ribbon/s +wire cutters +pipe cleaners

Spring Baby Grass Wreath
foam wreath +fur yarn + daisy trim+pearlized pink pins

Easter Bunny in the Grass Wreath
burlap ribbon +chevron ribbon + ric rac ribbon +eyelash yarn +mini easter eggs +ceramic bunny + grapevine wreath + glue gun

Chick Wreath (source unknown)
smalll branch + grapevine wreath + yellow chenille chicks + glue gun + ribbon

Easter Chick Wreath
easter chicks +cardboard + bostik fast tak +scissors

Chick Wreath
grosgrain ribbon +wire wreath + yellow chenille chicks

Birds Nest Basket Door Hanger
round bottom basket + spanish moss +birds nest +faux eggs +small bird + willow branches

Deco Mesh Carrots
orange & green deco mesh roll +jute mesh ribbon + floral wire + craft wire +wire cutters

Burlap Carrot Wreath (source unknown)
orange burlap + green chevron burlap ribbon + greenery + shaped coat hanger for wreath form

Moss Monogram
Cardboard letter + Spray adhesive + Moss sheets + Ribbon for hanging

Rustic Easter Wreath
grapevine basket + moss +eucalyptus leaves + ceramic bunny + flowers + burlap ribbon

Yarn Wreath
yarn + laced ribbon + pins + burlap + fabric

Easy No-Sew Fabric Wreath
4 coordinating fabrics + foam wreath form + jute twine

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