A clogged sink is one of the frequently reported kitchen problem

s. If one does not deal with the problem fast, it can escalate to costly plumbing issues. One should learn how to unclog a double kitchen sink to save money since you will require minimal or no plumbing services. It will also ensure that your kitchen remains clean and free of microbes since blocked drainage prevents water flow that can act as a breeding ground for microbes.

What causes a clogged sink?

·         Food waste

·         Hair

·         Grease and oils that harden in the drains

·         Soap scum

·         Vegetable and herbs 

·         Soap and hard water scum

It is advisable to seek the services of a specialist in blocked drains. But one can take the following simple steps to unclog sinks. 
1.    Identify the blockage
There are many no causes of drainage in the sink. Sometimes sit may be due to external drains damage or in the pipework. Only experts can locate the drainage point using innovative cameras. But if you have not sought the help of a drain specialist, you may try various methods for unclogging your sink to see if you can take care of the problem yourself. That way, you can tell if the drainage is in the pipes or due to external damage outside the house.
2.    Identify the best method to unblock the sink.
After identifying the cause of drainage, the drain specialist knows the best method to unblock the sink. But if you are doing it at home and have no idea the cause of the drainage, you may try any of the following methods;

·         Hot water, baking soda, and vinegar combination

First, you need to pour baking soda and vinegar into the sink and let it stay for several hours or overnight. Before doing this, it is advisable to remove excess water floating in the sink. After that, you may pour the hot water in bits to see if the sink is unclogging.

·         Use a plunger

Fill the sink with some water and use the plunger to unclog the sink. Repeat several times as the water pressure helps to get rid of the waste clogging the sink. If water drains quickly, the unclogging of the sink is successful.

·         Use a coat hanger or drain snake

When the blockage is not deep, straightening the coat hanger and dipping it into the sinkhole will help unclog the sink. But for a deep sink blockage, one may need to use a drainage snake.
3.    Reline the drains
The final step is possible with the help of a drain specialist. After blockage, there may be damage to the pipes, and only plumbing specialists know how to apply advanced pipe reline technology to repair the drainage damages. With expert repairs, you will also reduce the drainage maintenance costs. It is also advantageous to use the pipe relining technology as it causes minimal disruptions.

Any of the above methods will help successfully unclog the sink. But if the DIY sink unclogging methods fail, calling a drain specialist will be the only option. They have training and experience in unclogging sinks and will offer the service fast.

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