Being a stylish man can seem like a drag sometimes.

There's so much maintenance involved – who has the time?

Gents, if this sounds like you then I have some great news. I've got 12 ways to make your life easier.

Here you have it gentlemen – men's style hacks I know you've never heard of.


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Sharpie For Dress Shoes. Fixing Buttons With Glue. Resewing Buttons. Treating Wrinkles On A Jacket Without A Steamer. Hemming Your Own jeans. Using Cards As Floss. Hand Lotion On Leather. Alleviating A Tight Shoe Box. Salvaging Dress Shirts. Only Button The Top Button. Turn Clothing Inside Out. Fix Sweater-Bunching.

1. Sharpie For Dress Shoes
Guys, a lot of us have been there. You're traveling and you mash your black dress shoes against a corner in the plane. Your shoe-shine is in your checked bag – what do you do?

If you're in a jam like this, then a sharpie is your best friend. Simply take it and rub it against the scuff mark. It should clear it up for the day.

Sharpies can fix scuffed shoes in the heat of the moment, but don't make it a habit.

The same can be done for the side of your shoe sole. This is NOT a replacement for proper shoe care, only temporary solutions in a jam.


2. Fixing Loose Buttons With Glue
You pull out your favorite dress shirt for your first dinner with the in-laws, but one of the buttons toward the top is dangerously loose – we're talking close to falling off completely.

Want to learn how to sew a button? I got you covered. Click here to learn more.

You could cut it out and sew it back in, but you've only got 15 minutes to get to your reservation. This is where glue and nail polish comes in handy. Gents, if you apply either one of these to the string, it will keep the button secure for a while.

Again, this is temporary. I give it a day before it unravels again.


3. Resewing Buttons
You put on a dress shirt that hasn't been used in a while. You button it all the way to the top, but the final button just won't close.

It's a really common issue, which is why this men's style hack might surprise you.

You'd be surprised at how many issues you could solve by learning to sew.

Just cut the button and sew it back on half an inch over toward the edge of the placket. It's an easy fix that'll save you a lot of money in finding a new shirt.


4. Treating Wrinkles On A Jacket… Without A Steamer
Few things are uglier than a jacket covered in wrinkles. Even if the coat is high-quality, wrinkles show you just don't care.

Even if you don't have a steamer, you can still fix the jacket. If you have an iron handy with plenty of holes and a steam function, you can repurpose it all the same.

Speaking of ironing, click here to learn how to do it properly.

Don't even have an iron? Shame on you, but you can also use a tea kettle. Fill it, heat it up, and use the steam it exudes to get the job done.


5. Are Your Jeans Too Long? Try This
We just can't resist a pair of beautiful-looking jeans. Sometimes, though, they aren't a perfect fit.

This men's style hack is a permanent fix to an otherwise-grave issue. Fold the bottom of your jean legs over until it's at the desired length. Sew around the new hem to keep it in place, and then simply cut the excess fabric. Voila – your jeans now look great.

Click here to find out how to get the most out of a simple pair of jeans.

You can also use superglue to adjust the hems if you're in a hurry, but I can't guarantee that it'll hold for long.


6. Use Cards As Floss
When it comes to men's style hacks, it couldn't be simpler than this.

If you've got something in your teeth and don't have floss nearby, use your cards. Any card is fine – be it your credit cards or an ID. Heck, I've even used paper as a rudimentary floss from time to time.
Paper and cards make for an effective flossing substitute when the real thing isn't around.
Just don't do it in front of people – you'll look strange!


7. Lotion And Leather
Are you about to head into a business meeting with an ugly leather folder? What about your shoes? Do they look dried out?

I have good news for you in that case gentlemen. Regular hand lotion is an effective alternative to proper leather conditioner. At the end of the day, leather is skin, and it benefits from lotion the same way.

Remember that hand lotion is no substitute for a good shoe shine!

Just don't use anything that has any alcohol in it – it'll have the opposite effect. Who wants that?


8. Dealing With A Tight Toe Box
When a dress shoe feels tight around the toes, it's insanely uncomfortable. Only a permanent men's style hack can make this bearable.

Take the shoes to your local cobbler. They'll have shoe extenders which they can use to expand it roughly by half a size.

Cedar shoe trees like this will help the shoe stay in shape after you've made the adjustments. Click here to learn more about dress shoe fit.

If you'd rather save money, though, you can do it yourself.

Take a zip lock bag full of water and leave it in the shoe. Put the shoe in the freezer overnight, and it will actually expand the shoe in a similar way.


9. Salvaging Dress Shirts
It's always a huge bummer to take a dress shirt off the hanger only to see a stain you never noticed before, or a hole somewhere obvious.

Fear not – there is a cure.

Need to know how to rock a dress shirt? Look no further. Click here to be enlightened.

Believe it or not, a tailor can actually salvage the excess fabric on your shirttail to repair it. No one is supposed to see that part of the shirt anyway, so it's perfectly acceptable.

Never give up on your favorite garments!

10. Only Button Up The Top Button
This tip is simple enough. You don't need to button every button when you hang your shirts up, only the very top one. There's no need to waste more of your time.


11. Turn Clothing Inside Out…
While washing and ironing them. Yes, this is more effective.

When you do your laundry, turning your clothes inside out will make for a more thorough wash.

It's especially the case when ironing – clothes will last longer without wrinkles.


12. Sweater-Bunching
Last, but not least – the cure for sweater-bunching.

When I say that, I mean that ridiculous accumulation of fabric that occurs on the chest when you wear a sweater over a dress shirt.
Use a tank top to stop bunching sweater fabric over your chest.
How do you fix this? Simple – just wear a tank top between the dress shirt and the sweater itself. Say hello to a smooth finish!

Summary – Men's Style Hacks Sharpie For Dress Shoes. Fixing Buttons With Glue. Resewing Buttons. Treating Wrinkles On A Jacket Without A Steamer. Hemming Your Own jeans. Using Cards As Floss. Hand Lotion On Leather. Alleviating A Tight Shoe Box. Salvaging Dress Shirts. Only Button The Top Button. Turn Clothing Inside Out. Fix Sweater-Bunching.
Big problems sometimes have the simplest solutions, you just need to know where to look. These hacks are sure to make your life a smidgen easier as a stylish man – I guarantee it.


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