Cute And Simple Ways To Decorate Your Front Door For Christmas

The whole reason why we decorate our front doors on Halloween, Christmas and other special days is to spread the cheer and good (or spooky) vibes. Theres no right or wrong way of doing this as long as youre happy with the result. Wreaths are quite popular and often used as front door ornaments along with garlands. Lets see what else you can do to make your front door look lovely in preparation for Christmas.

The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of this entire celebration and you can also turn it into a front door decoration. Of course, it would have to be small in order to fit and those tiny faux trees you can usually find in stores are perfect for this. Take one of these tabletop trees and hang on the door just like a wreath. You can check out madincrafts for more details and ideas.

You can also go with the obvious choice: the Christmas wreath. Still, you should try to make it special and we have a bunch of ideas to share with you on this subject. One comes from practicallyfunctional. This project shows you how you can make a special wreath using lots of Christmas ball ornaments. Doesnt it look charming?

A snowman wreath that lights up would definitely make your front door stand up. Its a cool way to add curb appeal to your house around Christmas. To make this decoration youll need two grapevine wreaths of different sizes, two battery-powered string light sets, some black paper, red ribbon, white gloss spray paint and faux greenery pieces. You can go to thewhimsicalwife to find out more details.

In case you want something a bit more modern, we suggest checking out this stylish front door decoration featured on jojotastic. Its similar to a bouquet of flowers but with magnolia leaves, dried roses and eucalyptus pods instead of the usual elements. We love the colors and the overall simplicity of this decoration.

Joy wreaths are quite popular and you may have seen them around. Theyre really easy to make if you have wooden letters and a simple round wreath. Just attach the J and Y to the wreath so together they spell out joy. You can add a few more ornaments if you want to but dont clutter the design too much because then the message wont be as clear and easy to see. Check out amber-oliver if you need more details.

Decorating your front door doesnt have to be strictly-related to a certain holiday or event. If you choose a design thats abstract it will look good all year round. A perfect example is this colorful wreath featured on deliciousanddiy. Its a lovely piece of art made with paper cones and it looks really fun and interesting.

This cute Santa wreath featured on craftcuts definitely captures the festive vibe of the Christmas holidays. Anyone can make something this. The supplies used include wooden letters (the Ho Ho Ho part), a white foam wreath, a Santa hat that fits the wreath, pins, a hot glue gun, thumbtacks and deco poly mesh which is similar to tulle but thicker and more rigid.

Turn your front door into a giant gift. Its quite simple. Youre basically just gift-wrapping it and for that you need super long ribbons. Make them meet in the middle and add a giant bow and a tag. You can easily make a custom tag out of black cardstock. Use a chalk marker to write something cute on it and thats about it. If you want to find out more details about this Christmas craft you can check out lizoncall.

If you happen to have a white front door then youre basically half done with this project. The idea is to make the door look like a giant snowman and thats super easy to do. Just out some pieces of cardboard for the eyes, nose, teeth and buttons and use double-sided tape to attach them to the door. You can use ribbon for the scarf. This cute idea comes from thecreativestamperspot.

Santa hats are cute and all but they dont always fit and theyre not exactly very practical. There is however one way in which you can turn them into lovely decorations and it involves re-purposing them as turning them into hanging baskets. You can fill the basket with greenery, flowers and whatever else you can find around the house and then display it on your front door. Check out thespohrsaremultiplying for more details.

Wreaths dont always have to be round. In fact, the most interesting ones arent. We really like the idea featured on fynesdesigns. This wreath is made using a coat hanger, some fir, pine, cedar and holly clippings, floral wire, floral sticks, ribbon and some decorations such as pine cones and little Christmas bells. The wreath doesnt really have a well-defined shaped and thats what we like most about it.

Of course, regular round wreaths can look original too, especially if you can find a way to personalize them. A cute idea is to use monograms to add a unique touch to your wreath. A simple wood letter would do just fine. You can decorate it with scrapbook paper and then attach it to a boxwood wreath just by hanging it with ribbon. To see how its done, check out craftaholicsanonymous.

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