Easy Tricks to Dry Clean Clothes With a Little Time and Effort at Home

Buying expensive and delicate clothes is something most of us love indulging in, but with it comes great responsibility. We may often find ourselves torn between washing the expensive garments at home and sending them to a dry cleaner. Well, dry cleaning not only burns a big hole in the pockets but also does not provide one with the surety that their clothes would not get ruined. So, what is the option that you have? Well, you can actually dry clean your delicates with the least amount of effort and time at home. If you wish to know some easy tricks of dry cleaning the clothes at home, we suggest that you go through the following article.

How to Dry Clean Your Clothes at Home

Here are some simple and effective ways to dry clean your expensive clothes at home:

Hand Washing

Following are some steps you should take when hand washing delicate clothes:

  • Read the label carefully because all delicate clothes come with washing instructions. If the label reads dry clean only, then it is a wise thing to send it to the dry cleaner. But if reads dry clean, you can consider washing it at home too.
  • Do a patch test of a small section that is usually hidden or not seen when you wear the garment. If the colour remains intact and the texture does not change, you may wash it at home.
  • Use cold water and mild detergent to clean the garment. Gently rub the garment and refrain from harsh or vigorous scrubbing. Also, do not twist the garments tightly to squeeze extra water.
  • Air-dry the garment on a hanger or put directly on the clothesline. Do not leave it to dry under direct sunlight as it may fade the colour of the garment.
  • If only a part of the garment needs cleaning, you can even opt for spot cleaning. This method involves only cleaning the dirty part of the garment and not the whole garment. You can soak a soft cloth in some liquid detergent, gently clean the area with water, and air-dry the garment.

Machine Washing

Here are some instructions you should follow when washing clothes in a washing machine:

  • If the garment is made of nylon, spandex, polyester or cotton fabric, you can try washing it in a washing machine.
  • Again, look for the wash care instructions mentioned on the label. If it states dry clean instead of dry-clean only, you can consider a machine wash.
  • Turn the cloth inside out and put it in a mesh bag that is designed for washing delicate clothes.
  • Always use cold water when washing delicate clothes in the washing machine. Warm or hot water may result in fabric damage.
  • Use a shorter cycle instead of prolonged or longer cycles to avoid extended exposure to water.
  • Use a gentle or soft cycle for your delicate clothes. Also, wash lighter and darker colours separately.
  • Avoid drying the clothes in the dryer as it may lead to shrinking or damaging of the texture or fit of the clothes. Dry the clothes on a hanger or on the clothesline.
  • Refrain from exposing woollen and other delicate clothes to direct sunlight. Dry them in a shaded area.

how to dry clean clothes at home

Kitchen Hacks for Removing Stains

Apart from using laundry detergents and other fabric cleaners, you can also use various easily available kitchen ingredients to clean your expensive clothes. Here are some easy kitchen hacks for removing stains:

  • To remove a wine stain from clothes, you can dilute some vinegar by adding water or you can dilute soda with water and apply it on the stain. You can use this hack to get rid of grease or coffee stains from clothes as well. Make sure you apply it on as soon as the clothes get stained.
  • For fighting tough stains on clothes, baking soda, vinegar and salt work like magic.
  • Oil stains on clothes can be managed well by using salt.
  • Rubbing corn starch on oil stains can also help in getting rid of the stains.

Using Steam

If your favourite silk sari or cashmere sweater just needs some gentle and basic cleaning, steam cleaning is one of the best resorts you can opt for. Steam works well in cleaning woollen and silk clothes, and it is also great for gently cleaning off dirt from other expensive and delicate clothes. Here is what you need to do:

  • Take any good steam cleaner and put a fabric cleaner in it.
  • Gently run it over the garment that needs to be cleaned.
  • Leave the garment on a flat surface for drying and get a shine on your delicate clothes.

using steam


If you have certain questions regarding dry cleaning clothes at home, here are some frequently asked questions or FAQs answered for some detailed knowledge:

1. Which Clothes Need Dry Cleaning?

Well, most clothes that are labelled dry clean or dry clean only can be washed with some extra care at home only. Sometimes manufacturers only put these tags thinking that this the best way to take care of the garments, but in reality, dry cleaning may spoil the fabric and colour of the garments. However, there are some garments that require only expert guidance for cleaning and cannot be hand washed at home. These materials or fabrics include fur, leather, suede or rayon. These fabrics do not respond well to water and it is best to give such clothes to a dry cleaner for washing. Also, dry cleaning a coat or clothes that come with embellishments can get tedious at home and may also spoil the garment. It is best to send these clothes for dry cleaning.

2. Are There Any Alternatives to Dry Cleaning?

Yes, there are many options or alternatives that you can opt for rather than sending your clothes for dry cleaning. You can hand wash the garments, spin the garments on a gentle cycle, steam clean the clothes or use home dry cleaning machines for the purpose. However, the fabric of the garment is the major deciding factor for which method of cleaning can be used. If it is silk or woollen clothes that we are talking about, we can opt for any of the above-mentioned options. However, when it comes to leather, fur and other such delicate materials, amateur handling at home may lead to the garment getting spoiled. Under such circumstances, dry cleaning is the ideal choice for cleaning the garment.

are there any alternatives to dry cleaning

3. Is Dry Cleaning Better, as Compared to Washing?

While garments such as socks, undergarments, shirts, sheets, etc. respond well to washing, there are fabrics such as rayon, triacetate, acetate, etc. that have the tendency to shrink on coming in contact with water. Though you can ignore the dry clean only label on the garment and wash it at home, this may amount to taking a risk, as washing may spoil the garment. So, the best option is to choose the cleaning technique as per the fabric or material of the garment. If there are some clothes with too many layers, have lots of pleats or are simply difficult to iron, send them to your dry cleaner.

4. Can I Wash Silk Clothes Even if They Are Labelled Dry Clean Only?

Yes, most silk clothes can be washed at home even the ones that come with the dry clean only tag. However, silk is a delicate material and it is essential to wash them carefully. If you are wondering how to dry clean clothes at home naturally, all you need to do is take some extra care that includes using a mild detergent, cold water and not twisting the garment. Refrain from using harsh chemical cleaners and do not soak the garment in water for long. To remove excess water, the garment can be placed flat between two towels, allowing them to soak extra water.

You can easily dry clean your clothes at home with some safe and easy tips steps. Follow these simple and easy tricks and wash your expensive clothes at home!

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