“Free” May Be Costing You

like everywhere you turn these days there are opportunities to get items for
free.  At first glance, this seems like a great deal.  What’s better
than free, right? Unfortunately, what seems like a bargain in the moment often ends
up costing us, even if we haven’t had to shell out any
money.  How can that be?

reality is that everything we own,
owns a piece of us. Every belonging that ends up in our home or office

…takes up space, and

…needs to be stored, maintained, cleaned, etc.

about a drawer. How much of the contents are supplies you need and regularly
use as opposed to random items that have been shoved inside? Do you ever wonder,
did all this stuff come from?”

many cases, we own items that we never bought or intentionally acquired.
Nonetheless, once a piece is in our possession, it is our job to figure out
what to do with it.

common “free offenders” are:

Phone books
Hangars/pins/collar stays from the dry cleaner
“Free Gifts” from the makeup counter
Toiletries bags from international flights
Children’s clothing “handed down” by a friend or family
Company promotional items
Inherited clothing/furniture/décor
Party/wedding favors
“Happy Meal” toys
Promotional materials
“Freebie” food items
Greeting cards
Address or gift labels
Cups/mugs/sports bottles from events or activities

with all possessions, it is important to be active in getting rid of things we
do not love and/or do not use. Many of us feel guilty getting rid of things that
were “such a great deal” or “didn’t cost anything.” Likewise, we
are reluctant to let go of belongings that were given to us by a friend or
relative for fear of hurting his or her feelings.

the reality is that guilt is not a good reason to keep something in your
space. In fact, guilt is a negative emotion. If we keep an item out of
guilt, we unconsciously cultivate a negative association with the giver, which
is probably the opposite of what was intended.  No
friend, relative or business wants you to feel frustrated when you look at
something that they gave you.

course, the best way to minimize the “free” clutter is to block it from
entering your space in the first place. For instance:

Stop at the recycle bin on the way back from the mailbox and drop in any paperwork, magazines or flyers you don’t want.
Trash or leave behind anything you don’t want before returning home from a conference.
Resist the temptation to buy something simply to get another item (or shipping) for free.
Avoid picking up promotional items (e.g. at a seminar or event) simply because they are available. Instead, choose only those pieces for which you can envision meeting a tangible need.
Politely decline pieces proffered by friends and family that you don’t actually want.

Getting a bargain is a wonderful thing, but only if it meets your needs and desires. Otherwise, what appeared to be free will cost you time, space and serenity.

*     *     *    

“freebies” are cluttering your space?

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