Here Are 120 Moments Of People Taking Laziness To Another Level

In a perfect world, everyone is productive. Ticking every box on their to-do list, managing their time and concentrating on the task at hand. Sounds great, right?

But as we all know, that is rarely the case... And one of the main reasons why is our own laziness.

There's plenty of creative people who try to make life a bit easier. Bored Panda has compiled a list full of the most brilliant ways to work with as little effort as possible. From manipulating your cat into turning the light off to leaving the side table unassembled and using it as it is, we've got you covered.

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#1 When You’re Too Lazy To Build A Snowman

#2 It Took Me A Minute To Comprehend That My 5-Year-Old Had Invented A New Hands-Free iPad Technology

Image credits: MerryAntoinette

#3 Chores

Image credits: kenzhadley

#4 I Got Inspired To Be Lazy And Not Put Up All My Christmas Lights

Image credits: Cradnee

#5 We Don't Deserve Dogs

Image credits: Sophie Billington

#6 I Hate Signing Yearbooks For Students, So I Had A Rubber Stamp Made

Image credits: Jameseatscheese

#7 How I Shut The Light Off When I'm Feeling Lazy

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#8 Ditto

Image credits: drukqsx

#9 Left My Christmas Lights Up. Laziness Paid Off For Once

Image credits: nieman23

#10 It's My Dad's Birthday Today. I Was Too Lazy To Get Him A Proper Card

Image credits: CatPresident

#11 I Trusted My Husband To Clean-Up From Christmas Last Year. This Is What I Discovered When I Went Down To Our Basement To Begin Decorating This Year. Life Hack Or Lazy?

Image credits: 342636_stephy_a

#12 Laziness Meets Ingenuity, Me: "What's That Pipe On Your Railing?" Sister: "It's Our Soda Can Chute"

Image credits: manderpants

#13 I Figured Out You Don’t Actually Have To Assemble These Things

Image credits: ImWadeYo

#14 The Student Chose A Character Who Speaks Only 3 Words And That Is His Name - I Am Groot


#15 I Was Too Lazy To Keep Getting Up And Check My Pot If It Was Boiling, So I Just Skyped It

Image credits: itoa5t

#16 I'm Really Lazy When It Comes To Putting On A Costume

Image credits: beingginger

#17 Lazy But Genius Parenting

Image credits: youandmeandrainbows

#18 This Shortcut Symbolizes Human Laziness (Yes, I Use It)

Image credits: Aukrust

#19 This Is How Lazy Our Facilities Guys Are

Image credits: RF_Guy1654

#20 My Coworker Has A Tendency To Spill His Cereal Walking Out Of The Kitchen In The Morning And Just Leave It There. I Made It Modern Art

Image credits: unthused

#21 My Lazy Little Brother Learning Writing English Letters

Image credits: Im_that_stupid

#22 Be Lazy. Make A Garage For Your Heavy Small Appliances With Cheap Rolling Plant Stands

Image credits: whisk_kid

#23 Just Feeling A Little Lazy

Image credits: cn2092

#24 My Dad's Christmas Tree

Image credits: JessicaRabbit4

#25 Throwing Away Paint Roller Trays Is Just Wasteful, And Cleaning Them Is A Damn Mess. Here's Your Lazy, Smart Solution

Image credits: LoosechangeNYC

#26 9-Year-Old's Tablet Solution

Image credits: voiceofreasoninchaos

#27 Lazy Lawnmower

Image credits:

#28 A New Level Of Lazy

Image credits: frivus

#29 This Genius Watching Taken Using A Clear Plastic Bag To Hold His Phone On A Plane

Image credits: kimantor1

#30 Lazy Bastard

Image credits: Mullagain

#31 My Daughter Wanted A Fort. I Was Feeling Lazy

Image credits: NoTrickWick

#32 Tie A String To Your Garbage Cans So You Don't Have To Walk Downstairs

Image credits: swagondemhoes

#33 Laziness: Dream Level

Image credits: sfc949

#34 Lazy Security Guard

Image credits:

#35 We Use Only The Latest Hands Free Technology

Image credits: unstablereality

#36 There's Lazy And Then There's This Guy

Image credits: dutchy4233

#37 It's Been Like That For 5 Days, Laziness Level: College Student

Image credits: onelonefrog

#38 A Choice Was Made Today: A Lazy One

Image credits: It_Crawls

#39 Wanted To See How Some Rugs Would Look In Our Living Room But Too Lazy To Photoshop It

Image credits: nizzbot

#40 I May Have Crossed The Line Between Lifehack And Lazy

Image credits: ToeFungus

#41 Road Sign

Image credits: pech

#42 Swing String

Image credits:

#43 My Friend Redefined Laziness. She Built A Floating Table Over Her Bed, So She Never Has To Stand Up Again

Image credits: Lyxodius

#44 Lazy Birthday Cake

Image credits:

#45 Lazy Clock Fix

Image credits:

#46 Lazy Walks With A Child

#47 Spotted In Target. Next Level Fashion

Image credits: EkkoWan

#48 Someone At The City Hall Is Lazy

Image credits: laiwzhu

#49 I Was Lazy And Hadn't Washed The Dishes For A Few Days. Life, Uh, Found A Way

Image credits: atafies

#50 Laziness Level 62

Image credits: kraven420

#51 Lazy But Fashionable Girl

#52 When You Don't Want To Wash Dishes

Image credits: nova1739

#53 My Razor Broke About 5 Days Ago. Still Too Lazy To Go Get A New One

Image credits: AncientChineseSecret

#54 I'm Never Washing My Hair Again

Image credits: limbylegs

#55 My Friend's Taken Lazy To A New Drunk Level

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#56 When I'm Too Lazy To Cook (Often) I Just Pile Things Into A Bowl Until Nothing Else Fits

Image credits: pocketsand_shashasha

#57 Lazy Girlfriend Is Lazy

Image credits: coupdegrace666

#58 Seriously People, Are You Too Lazy To Walk 50 Feet To Return?

Image credits: Barack-OJimmy

#59 Good Enough

Image credits: chao50

#60 Why Bother? It'll Need Replacing In A Few Days Anyway

Image credits:

#61 I Am A Lazy Man

Image credits: Dylsta23

#62 An Epic Display Of Laziness

Image credits:

#63 The Perfect Garden For People Too Lazy To Water Their Plants

Image credits: Chouette4u

#64 My Dad Really Put In The Effort For This Gift Card

Image credits: notthestig

#65 When You Are Too Lazy To Throw Out The Old TV

Image credits: skeeverbutt

#66 Laziness: The Mother Of Invention

Image credits: theantnest

#67 Laziness Has No Boundaries

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#68 Too Lazy To Clean The Dishes

Image credits: ViolentPinkOctopus

#69 What Pure Laziness Looks Like

Image credits: margari7a

#70 Get Paid For Painting And Not Moving Plants

Image credits: hellivvy

#71 Roommate's Too Lazy To Wrap Gifts. Kroger Bags And Bow

Image credits: Redheadedses

#72 Got Rid Of Our Boxy Booth Table, Bench, & Coat Rack To Make Room For New Stuff, Trapped Our Little Vacuum Robot In The Area So We Didn't Have To Do The Work Of Sweeping It

Image credits: awkward_accountant89

#73 The Epitome Of Laziness

Image credits: kiao1208

#74 Laziness Level: Dad

Image credits: somewhatcleverEel

#75 I Was Too Lazy To Get The Wrapping Paper In My Car, So I Found Some Clothes I Didn't Wear Anymore. It Took More Work Than It Would've To Just Go To The Car

Image credits: fancymcbacon

#76 In His Defense, I Did Say To Put These In The Bathroom. There Is Nothing Like Having A Literal 2nd Grader Living In Your House

Image credits: arbucklefatty

#77 Tried Out This Cool Idea - Washed The Potatoes In The Dishwasher

Image credits: mrskitsapgrapeape

#78 How Lazy Can People Be

Image credits:

#79 How Lazy We've Become

Image credits: dljames0001

#80 I Play A Game With My Boyfriend's Kid's Where We Hide The Cartman In Random Places Around The House. I Can't Tell If This Is Lazy Or Brilliant Of The 8-Year-Old

Image credits: Ellekm730

#81 Pure Genius

Image credits: yesimagirlwithboobs

#82 I Really Need To Start Reading My Emails

Image credits: Luaggz2

#83 My Lazy Mailman, Everyone

Image credits: stellarladyfriend

#84 This Was Left At One Of My Tables Today, I Appreciated The Laziness

Image credits: Amieisrad

#85 Dude I'm Too Lazy To Carry It Up

Image credits: zawai

#86 I Am Using A Bun To Rest My Wrist On Because I Am Too Lazy To Buy A Better Mouse Pad

Image credits: hannahbakerbrokeit

#87 My 11-Year-Old Sister Put A Plastic Ziplock Bag Over Bowl So She Doesn’t Have To Clean It

Image credits:

#88 Next Level Laziness

Image credits:

#89 With The Lovely Weather, It's A Fantastic Day For Walking The Dog

Image credits: Mikezzz

#90 According To His Explanation, He Was Too Lazy To Open The Bottle Normal Way

Image credits: Charliep03833

#91 Laziness At Its Best

#92 Lazy Or Efficient

Image credits: Mr_vindictive

#93 My Son Had A Class Assignment To Do One Of Those Recreations Of Pieces Of Art. My Son Is Lazy

Image credits: jimmyd8466

#94 Either The Most Imaginative Or Lazy Name For A Business Of All Time

Image credits: ThatWayneO

#95 I Am Too Lazy To Take Down My Halloween Decorations, So I Improvised

Image credits: kikasphalt

#96 Smart

Image credits: GeorgeTweetings

#97 Brought Own Chair So Didn’t Have To Stand And Push

Image credits: HourlyAlbert

#98 This Original Shirt Plate Makes Eating As Easy As Lying Down

Image credits: thinkgeek

#99 This Is How My Dad Waters The Lawn. Smart Or Lazy?

Image credits: bavycakes

#100 My Shower Keeps Turning On By Itself. This Is My Solution

Image credits: beefeater3

#101 If You Are Lazy Like Me Turn Your Toaster Sideways And Now U Have A Pizza Warmer

Image credits: bukination

#102 A Vending Machine Was Removed At Work, Exposing A Lazy Paint Job

Image credits: kristinapplebees

#103 Carve A Pumpkin? Too Much Hassle

Image credits:

#104 These Fortune Writers Are Getting Pretty Lazy These Days

Image credits: LolaInSlacks88

#105 Laziness At An All Time High

Image credits: 9Boto

#106 Just Following Instructions

Image credits: lonepaladin

#107 Was Lazy And Didn't Want To Get Up To Turn Off My Xbox. Awesome, But I Still Had To Get Up

Image credits: Tricketts

#108 People Call Me Lazy, I Call It Smart

Image credits: myCaptchaWasEmployedContawar

#109 Some People Are Really Lazy

Image credits: Thisislight

#110 The People Who Renovated My Apartment Were So Lazy That They Painted Straight Over A Penny On The Molding

Image credits:

#111 Too Lazy To Go Outside To Grill

Image credits: kleancut

#112 Just Bought A New Chair. It Is Very Comfortable

Image credits: Guryz

#113 Too Lazy To Peel Off The Sticker

Image credits: Retpathic

#114 It's In

Image credits: necrocoeliac

#115 Ever Been So Lazy That Instead Of Going Inside Your Job To Get A Fork You Just Break A Hanger You Had In The Backseat And Use It To Eat Lunch In Your Vehicle?

Image credits: DaJaFa

#116 Apparently Tipping The Cup Backward Was Too Hard

Image credits: LowWaste2694

#117 My Collection Of Water Bottles

Image credits: screw-karen

#118 Is It Really Smart Holding Your Tablet While Watching Something?

#119 Jack O' Lazy

Image credits: CHEMicallyIMBA

#120 I Thought I Was The Most Lazy In The Family

Image credits: Gulibis