Managing closet space can be an absolute nightmare! I’m sure I’m not the only one that has spent countless hours scouring Pinterest for some help and tips on how to wrangle the closet mess

Save your time! I’ve done all the hard work for you by bringing you this collection of some closet organization ideas that will make your life easier! From a master bedroom closet to the kid’s closet and even a linen closet, we have you covered! Check out these tips below!
Use a Book Shelf
This little kids closet is absolutely adorable and under control. All of this is thanks to every usable bit of space being taken advantage of. Use baskets for your least used items. This makes them accessible in case you need them, but they aren’t cluttering up precious space.

Every IKEA fanatic knows the versatility of the Kallax bookshelf, so take advantage of all those compartments and keep toys, books, and clothing on display but well organized. 

Tip & Image Credit: Real Simple
Practical coat closet 
It’s easy to forget the door and not take advantage of the bonus space it can provide! In this case, a door and wall rack was used to keep this coat closet in tip top shape! There’s a place for umbrellas, scarves, hats, and even the keys and handbag! If you’re a renter and can’t drill holes into the door, then why not use Command hooks instead? It will let you use the door for hanging essentials and not cost you your deposit when you move out!

Tip & Image Credit: The Container Store
A new use for a shoe rack
Shoe racks are not quite as useful for shoes as they are for other things. Which is why we had to share this idea that was used in a coat closet. This canvas shoe rack is still able to be used for the odd pair of shoes, but its primary purpose is to store this family’s winter gear. Gloves, mittens, umbrellas, and hats are stored in these accessible compartments. What’s best is that the kids can take them out and put them back all on their own!

Tip & Image Credit: Blue i Style
Use Storage Bins
Organizing my own small bedroom closet was always an issue until I found large storage bins with labels to sort all of our extra clothes and accessories. We use each storage bin to organize scarfs, shoes, sweatpants, socks, etc. It makes it so easy to pull out what we need and then slide the bin back pin place. And helps keep our closet organized longer. Read the full post here! 

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Use Wall Shelves
It can be easy to only stick to traditional organization methods for the closet, but if you think outside the box you can get so much more space out of it. This simple tip recommends installing a wall shelf. Simple isn’t it?! Depending on the space you have available you can opt for a vertical shelf, like the one below or even go for a thin horizontal one. The sky (or the ceiling height) is the limit!

Tip & Image Credit: Leanne Ford
Get a Boot Rack
Shoes, but in particular boots, can be difficult items to store! If you’re short on space then investing in a Boot Butler, or similar can help you get your boots organized and keep them in a place all their own. Another reason that I really like this organizing tool because it helps keep the shape of your boots. You can get your own Boot Butler on Amazon.

Tip & Image Credit: Boot Butler
Hang Your Bags
Hanging your bags on a hanger can work, but it won’t be as efficient as hanging your bags on the inside of your closet door. By adding a few Command Hooks on the inside of your closet door you can hang your most used bags and easily be able to swap out items between them. I know bags tend to overflow for most of us, but if, like me, you find yourself having the same few bags on rotation this tip is a must!

Tip & Image Credit: How to Nest for Less
Protect Your Purses
Even though you may only keep a few handbags on rotation, it doesn’t mean that our other purses should just be stored in a plastic bin and shoved to the back of the closet. Keep your bags in sight, but protected by storing them in a hanging purse organizer. Not only will this keep your handbags protected from any dust, but they will always be ready to be used should you need them. 

Tip & Image Credit: Zober
Don’t fold sweaters, hang them!
Some of the best closet organization ideas are the simplest! This one is a great example. We all think that the best way to store our sweaters is to fold them. Sure, this method can work, but do you notice the stack of bulk you end up with? Folding your sweaters can be a great idea to put them away once the season is done, but what do you do if it’s, well, sweater weather. Check out this handy guide on how to fold your sweaters and make keep your closet organized for the season. 

Tip & Image Credit: The Happier Homemaker
Use an Extender Rod
Using an extender rod can help give your closet a customized and bespoke look. If you prefer to hang your long skirts, for example, you can use this rod to make sure that they are all hanging at the same height. Not only can you adjust the height, but the width is also adjustable, making sure you can have a customized look at a fraction of the price!

Tip & Image Credit: Simple Houseware
Hang Shelf Brackets Upside Down
We can’t have an organization post without a great IKEA organizing hack! This is one that has been featured on the site before, but is perfect for closet organization. By taking Ekby Lerberg shelf brackets and flipping the upside down, you can add hanging space to any nook and cranny in your closet. Thus maximizing every bit of available space!

Tip & Image Credit: Organization Obsessed

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Organize your Clutches
If you have clutches that you end up frantically searching for when you need to use them, this hack is for you! Take a simple pot lid organizer from the kitchen to the closet and keep everything neat and to hand. You can do this with your clutches and keep them on a shelf ready for your next night out. 

Tip & Image Credit: Fabulous Fashions 4 Sensible Style
Small walk-in closet to dressing room
If you have a small walk-in closet then you are in luck. With a little bit of handy work, you can turn your small walk-in closet into a bespoke dressing room. As always, IKEA comes to the rescue with their Kallax bookshelf unit. This closet organization idea uses the 16 cube option of the shelf, which allows you to store your sweaters, t-shirts, and anything you want. Not only does this help you keep things organized, but you always get to see what you have ready to wear to make getting ready that much easier!

Don’t have an Ikea nearby. Grab this 16 cube organizer from Amazon.

Tip & Image Credit: MK Maison
Hang your jewelry
A running theme you may have seen in this post is to keep things visible. We have done it with clothes and shoes, but what about with jewelry and accessories? This tip will help you make the most of your wall space by using a pegboard, picture frame, or anything else really to hang your jewelry. As they say, out of sight out of mind. Which means the more visible something is the more likely you are to use it. This tip is affordable and definitely very simple!

Tip & Image Credit: Merrick’s Art

We hope that our closet organization ideas will help you get your closet in tip top shape and keep it that way! Comment below to share your favorites. 

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