Stop Tripping Over Strewn Shoes and Introduce a Little Order With These Handy Shoe Organizer


Most likely, you have more shoes than you really need. No doubt you have an individual reason for each pair. But, what isn’t okay, is having them piled next to the front door, spread across your bedroom floor or sporadically thrown where you take them off. This can cause accidents and may actually increase stress levels. A shoe organizer is the best way to avoid a shoe cull and ensure you keep your collection in top condition. Especially for those of you who collect grail-worthy men’s sneakers.

Whether you live alone or have a full household, you need a shoe organizer. There are many benefits that make them a true asset in any home, whether for a few pairs or a mall’s worth. If you’re not convinced yet, you will be after considering these points:
Quality Care – Shoes are rarely a bargain, and they deserve to be well kept. Taking good care of them ensures they last longer. A dry and shaded storage space can keep them free of moisture and help avoid discoloring.  Odor Control – Stinky shoes are not a welcome addition in any home, but the correct storage environment can prevent unwanted odors. Many shoe organizers are designed to air out shoes, and those that aren’t often have incorporated ventilation systems.  Matching Pairs – Wearing mismatched shoes has yet to reach the height of fashion. Having your shoes stored in pairs and knowing you can grab your chosen style with ease is a huge time saver on busy mornings. Additional Storage – Certain shoe organizers can be versatile additions to your home storage. With open shelves, fold-open lids and sliding doors, shoe organizers can be used as a stowaway place for other items, which often find themselves spread around your house, too.
When it comes to shoe organizers, there are many styles and sizes to choose from. We have pulled together our favorite models available online. Think about floor space and the color scheme of your home when shopping for the right option which is best suited to your shoe collection.
   1. Simple Houseware Shoe Rack Organizer

Ideal for entryways and bedrooms, the Simple Houseware Shoe Rack Organizer has space for up to 16 pairs of shoes. Each of the four shelves can support up to 30 pounds of weight, and the top level is left open to provide room for boots or other shoes with a higher than usual ankle. The easy-to-assemble frame is made from solid metal, and each shelf is constructed of stretched fabric. If taller shoes are the majority in your shoe collection, you can choose to remove some of the shelves to make more height on each shelf. You can also choose from either bronze or grey to suit your home interior style.

Buy: Simple Houseware Shoe Rack Organizer $19.43
   2. Simple Houseware Door Hanging Shoe Organizer

Simple Houseware strikes again with an innovative and cost-friendly way to organize shoes. Their Door Hanging Shoe Organizer is held in place by four hooks, which are universally sized to hang over the top of any door. The pocket-style shoe compartments ensure everything is stored in a compact style to reduce the amount of space required. The pockets are also made of clear plastic, so you can see which shoes are stored where.

Buy: Simple Houseware Door Hanging Shoe Organizer $9.87
   3. Open Spaces Entryway Rack BEST SPLURGE
The Open Spaces Entryway Rack makes dealing with entry hallway clutter simple. It sports a minimalist yet appealing design, includes three shelves for plenty of storage space and comes in five different colors to ensure there’s one to match your home interiors. For long-term durability and easy maintenance, the rack is constructed from steel which is covered with an easy-to-clean coating. Furthermore, it handily arrives with all the tools and screws you need to put it together.

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Buy: Open Spaces Entryway Rack $138.00

   4. Ziz Home Under Bed Shoe Organizer

Under bed shoe storage is a fantastic use of dead space and a clever way to keep your shoes packed neatly out of sight when they’re not being worn. The Ziz Home Under Bed Shoe Organizer can store up to 12 pairs of shoes and is made from non-woven fabric for a soft aesthetic. It has a surface measurement of 28 by 24 inches and is six inches high. Furthermore, the top cover of the organizer is made of clear plastic, so you can see into the storage and identify the shoes you’re looking for. There are also two fabric handles located on either side of the unit for easy pushing and pulling it into position.

Buy: Ziz Home Under Bed Shoe Organizer $23.99
   5. Amazon Basics Closet Storage Organizer

The Amazon Basics Closet Storage Organizer combines a traditional shoe organizer with two large bins to offer out-of-sight storage. It’s free-standing, so this organizer can be positioned in any area of your home with a 32.7 by 12.2-inch floor space. The shelves and bins are made from grey fabric, whereas the frame is solid metal for a sturdy structure. This organizer is ideal if you have a few pairs of shoes you’re happy to showcase and a few you’d rather weren’t seen by guests.

Buy: Amazon Basics Closet Storage Organizer $24.11
   6. Tribesigns 7 Tiers Shoe Rack Shoe Organizer

Depending on how savvy you are with your storage style, you can store up to 30 pairs of shoes in the Tribesigns 7 Tiers Shoe Rack Shoe Organizer. Nine shelves are spread around the frame at three different heights to allow multiple types of shoes to fit comfortably. There are also three pockets located vertically on either side of the unit, which are great for thinner shoes, such as sandals and slippers.

Buy: Tribesigns 7 Tiers Shoe Rack Shoe Organizer $29.99
   7. KOUSI Portable Shoe Rack Organizer

Closet-style shoe organizers are great for keeping your best pairs in peak condition and saving their limelight moment for when they’re on your feet. The solid white surface of the KOUSI Portable Shoe Rack Organizer ensures the shoes are out of sight when stored. Several different sizes are available, from 24 pairs to 144 pairs. Within each easy-to-open flip-lid is space for four pairs. Each lid features a central, round handle, which compliments the design of the circular joints used to attach the blocks to each other.

Buy: KOUSI Portable Shoe Rack Organizer $49.99
   8. Amazon Basics Shoe Rack Organizer

If you’re a real shoe lover and have piles of pairs around your home, you need the Amazon Basics Shoe Rack Organizer. It has the largest capacity of all the storage solutions on our list with space for up to 50 pairs. A floor space of 35.8 by 14.6 inches is required, and the four caster wheels ensure you can smoothly slide it into place once constructed. The frame is made from chrome-finished metal and includes 10 five-pair-wide shelves.

Buy: Amazon Basics Shoe Rack Organizer $38.36
   9. ClosetMaid 1302 Organizer

With 15 storage spaces arranged five wide by three tall, the CloseMaid 1302 Organizer has plenty of space for multiple pairs of shoes and other belongings, too. The solid wood structure is available in three finishes to suit your home decor. You can choose from white, dark cherry or espresso. Additionally, this shoe organizer is an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture that can take care of tidying your shoes, toys and just about anything else you have lying around, too.

Buy: ClosetMaid 1302 Organizer $64.38
   10. ELEVER NEATLY Shoe Organizer

One of the best things about the ELEVER NEATLY Shoe Organizer is that you can decide to stack it all in one place or spread it across two areas. Tweleve compartments are included with each pack, all of which are ideally sized for sneakers and can be attached to each other both vertically and horizontally. Each compartment measures 16 by 13.8 by 7.6 inches. The forward-facing walls of the shoeboxes are made from clear plastic, so you can see exactly which pair you’re looking for. Additionally, the back panel of each box features a ventilation system to prevent the build-up of moisture and bad odors.

Buy: ELEVER NEATLY Shoe Organizer $69.89
   11. Whitmor Hanging Shoe Shelves Organizer

Hanging space doesn’t need to be only for your shirts and trousers; you can also use it for organizing your shoes with the Whitmor Hanging Shoe Shelves Organizer. Three sturdy coat hanger-like hooks are attached to the top of the organizer and can be used to hang it in place from the rail bar of your closet. Thirty shoe spaces made from grey fabric sit three wide by 10 high. Plus, they are all open at the front for easy access.

Buy: Whitmor Hanging Shoe Shelves Organizer $17.22
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