Tech Support People Are Sharing The Worst Cases They’ve Seen While On The Job (99 New Pics)

Tech support consists of many things; it's a range of services companies provide to their customers for products such as software, mobile phones, printers, and other electronic, mechanical, or electromechanical products. But I think that its biggest component is frustration; the soul-crushing feeling every IT person feels when they witness or, God forbid, have to clean up after our stupidity. I'm talking about desecrated HDMI ports, spaghetti cabling, laptops covered in concrete... or as the subreddit r/TechSupportGore calls it—content. This online community collects pics that will make us "cringe to the brink of passing out" and if it gets a point across it's this: technical support services usually provide users with help in solving some common problems rather than providing training on how to use the product. We haven't really learned after Bored Panda's earlier articles on the subreddit here and here. The fails look just as bad!

#1 Yes, That's Concrete

Image credits: rahcek

#2 "Why My Keyboard Doesn't Work"

Image credits: gglebq

#3 Ps5 In For Hdmi Replacement. Kid Said “I Pushed The Cable In A Little Too Hard”

Image credits: cdq1985

#4 Grossest Controller Of The Year Goes To

Image credits: Speedy_Greyhound

#5 The Forbidden Capri Sun

Image credits: Veraciouz

#6 First It Made Burning Smells, Then It Beeped, Then It Died. Colourful Ants!

Image credits: Rusty-Hinge

#7 Hot Glue Gun Ad On Facebook. Just Why

Image credits: kubricktwobricks

#8 I Found This While Scrolling Through My Camera Roll From 2018, Enjoy

Image credits: Ascaban

#9 While Many Of Us Are In The Business Of Tech Support, Self Help Is Often Necessary

Image credits: TheJoshWS99

#10 Is This The Worst Spaghetti Cabling Ever?

Image credits: starsky1357

#11 Slpt: Laptop Charger Panini Press.

Image credits: voiping

#12 Friends Computer Has Been Crashing For Like 3 Years.

Image credits: marco23p

#13 Yea, The Printer Will Not Print If You Leave The Plastic Packaging On The Paper!

Image credits: spazzo246

#14 Saw The Other Post About Ethernet Rewiring And Reminded Me Of This. It Worked Fine For Almost A Week Until I Replaced It With A Proper Cable

Image credits: gunmetaldjs

#15 Stupidity Strikes Again. Now I've Got A 'Curved' Keyboard

Image credits: Jan_Spontan

#16 Power Supply Didn’t Fit, I Guess This Works?

Image credits: Kcleary940

#17 That Is An Ant Inside The Screen!!!

Image credits: gwarsh41

#18 Criminal Poe Adapter

Image credits: orefat

#19 How To Make Sure Ideas Hold Water

Image credits: Bixel925

#20 Laptop Left Turned On In A School Bag Mixed With A Moldy Sandwich In The Same Compartment

Image credits: clokeyyy

#21 User Complains About Weird Smell While Using His Laptop

Image credits: 1337Kotoko

#22 Lent It To A Friend...

Image credits: rivo99

#23 Ps4 Botched Repair Attempt. The Shop That Did This To The Client's Unit, Charged Them $100! Should I Put Them On Blast?

Image credits: SBL_Games_Inc

#24 Really Great Laptop Performance With A Core I7...

Image credits: ItsJMhere

#25 Just Had A Laptop Returned That Has A Used Bandaid As A Webcam Cover

Image credits: LEGOjon96

#26 This Fella Got A Black Eye.

Image credits: the123king-reddit

#27 Electrician Friend Just Sent Me This, Found During A Portable Appliance Test

Image credits: kryptopeg

#28 Look How They Murdered My Boy

Image credits: flamewingdragon

#29 Free Laptop! Too Bad The Screen And Keyboard Are Ruined With The Spray Paint.

Image credits: ilovesalome88

#30 “Hey, Grab Those Couple Of Pcs In Storage Down On Lower Level, I Need One.” Here You Go Boss, I Fetched A PC For You.

Image credits: treletraj

#31 One Of Our Clients Couldn't Figure Out Why His Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Weren't Working

Image credits: sKiLoVa4liFeZzZ

#32 How Do Things Like This Happen

Image credits: SpartelTjips

#33 Behold The Beauty Of Our Office Server

Image credits: H0rizon37

#34 My Little Cousins First Build. I Told Him You Have The Wrong Ram. He Said "How You Know?"

Image credits: wack0h

#35 Previous Install Company Ran Cat5 Over The Main Junction Box, Decided To Shield The Cable With Aluminum Foil.

Image credits: endorphin__dolphin

#36 The Computer Keeps Overheating.

Image credits: -Dastardly-

#37 Customer Came In With A 512gb Ssd In Their MacBook Pro That Only Had 77gb Of Their Own Data On It, Yet It Was Reading As Full Of "Other" Files. After Some Digging It Turns Out That Apple Mail & Gmail Were Writing A New Encyclopedia Britannica Behind The Scenes. That's A Whole Lot Of Text.

Image credits: Po1eTrain

#38 It Was A Technological Murder/Suicide Today. Crt TV Landed Directly Onto A Brand New Asus Chromebook.

Image credits: isawamouseboss

#39 Stopped By A Local Sports Bar To Pick Up Dinner, This Is How They Do Online Orders Through Several Providers

Image credits: shitpickle2020

#40 Why Do We Need To Hire It? Just Plug It All In.

Image credits: Quigleythegreat

#41 I Was Wondering Why It's Only 100mbps...

Image credits: kawaii__neko_

#42 Unrequested Lithium Surplus

Image credits: Cloddish

#43 Shoutout To The Cell Phone Repair Shop That “Worked” On This Xbox Series X Before It Came To Me.

Image credits: cdq1985

#44 Got An Xbox 360 Controller In For Repair. Inside, I Found Multiple Dead Bugs And Everything Was Covered In A Fine, White Powder-Like Dust.

Image credits: JoMa2001

#45 Just Imagine The Smell

Image credits: JustARandomGerman

#46 Someone Tried To Print From USB...

Image credits: Shakatroll

#47 Cable Labeling At My Friend's House Is Far From Helpful...

Image credits: AirlineFlyer

#48 Unironically Canadian It Gore

Image credits: theodore1029

#49 I Said To Delete The Data Not Destroy 4 Sas Disks

Image credits: ZXLeos

#50 Remember To Unlock Your Pcie Lock Before Removing The Gpu

Image credits: Imenkyrpia98

#51 Hard Drive Data Recovery

Image credits: the123king-reddit

#52 Hey Isp You Always Drop Out At Lunch Time, But Only On WiFi!

Image credits: InsanateePrawn

#53 "Ticket: Student Destroyed Laptop"

Image credits: JustAnNPC_DnD

#54 This Is What Happens When The Tech Before You Puts A PC Right Next To A Cnc In A Cabinet Shop.... Still Working

Image credits: 16eidenr

#55 Her: My MacBook Pro Is Running Hot. Inside The Fan: Ant Colony

Image credits: giantthreetoedsloth

#56 I’m Not Sure They Put Enough Thermal Paste On Here.

Image credits: heylooknewpillows

#57 iPad Meet Couch

Image credits: kc0mlp

#58 Sandwich Telecom At Its Finest (Pic Token In France)

Image credits: Pwar4lavement

#59 My Work (Industrial) Had Me Burn Up Some Hard Drives At 1750 Degrees In A Carbon Filled Retort. This Is The Result.

Image credits: PoonSwoggle

#60 "I Cleaned The Power Switch But It Still Won't Turn On".

Image credits: divine_applepi

#61 Returned Airpod Pros To An Apple Disposal Centre In Shenzhen.

Image credits: YTAppleDemo

#62 Forbidden Caprisun

Image credits: Robert694n

#63 "User Dropped The Laptop. Please Give Us A Quote"

Image credits: CrystalDabuu

#64 Removing Ram Heatsink, What Could Go Wrong....

Image credits: smellyfeetpete

#65 My New USB C Car Lighter

Image credits: extensivebeaver

#66 Power Button Broke And Didn't Have A Replacement Lying Around… There Was, However, A Broken Coat Hanger.

Image credits: futlapperl

#67 Next Level

Image credits: GreenOceanis

#68 Client Was Wondering Why His PC Didn’t Work After Installing A New Gpu

Image credits: broien_suPRIEM

#69 This Is A Nice Repair Job I Could Say..

Image credits: BattleMaple

#70 Happy Monday, Plumbers Were Flushing The Lines Upstairs And A Couple Gallons Came Through The Ceiling. (The Leak Was Like 10ft From The Server Room)

Image credits: Adg48

#71 My Gtx 970 Decided To Get Lit

Image credits: MarineR3con

#72 Nightmare Server Dungeon At My Job

Image credits: pap3rw8

#73 This 'Repair' Job... Yikes.

Image credits: zookee1

#74 Gtx 1080 Gave Out At The Worst Time Possible. Rest In Peace Buddy

Image credits: Thermashock

#75 Guess I Need A New Battery?

Image credits: Burrito_Blanco_

#76 Shore Power Cable After ~8 Years Exposure To Salty Air And Moisture

Image credits: P4r4dx

#77 Need Onsite Support

Image credits: Jibbo91

#78 Ohhhh Yes The Server

Image credits: D4RkOn3

#79 " It Would Not Enter Into The Hdmi, So I Thought It Needed A Bit Of A Push..." A Pair Of Pliers And 2 Minter Later...

Image credits: dark16one

#80 I Work As An It Analyst From Home. My Assistant (Two-Year-Old) Pre-Installed This Printers Crackers For Me. He's Great!

Image credits: smarble1

#81 Spicey Pillow

Image credits: bigmike13588

#82 Had An Arguement With My Dimm. I Won.

Image credits: ich-liebe_bier

#83 Customer States Their MacBook No Longer Turns On After Updating To Big Sur..

Image credits: Sydnxt

#84 This Physically Hurt My Brain

Image credits: YourSauceAndSaviour

#85 The Guy Who Built This Told The Customer The Water Cooling Was Zero Maintenance.... He Didn't Do A Good Job In The First Place

Image credits: my-head-is-spinning

#86 Removing Ram Heatsink, Be Sure To Get All That Ram

Image credits: DarrenCax

#87 Something Has Awoken

Image credits: jsoftrim

#88 Maintenance: "The New Desk Arrived And I Organized The Computers For You" Geez... Thanks.

Image credits: Tz_AlphaWolf

#89 Checked In A MacBook Hair At Work Today

Image credits: reezwon

#90 Easy Fix

Image credits: pogedenguin

#91 When You Didn’t Bring Wire With You....

Image credits: Bandwagon_Burner

#92 Curved Lines Render Great!!

Image credits: wonder_wharf

#93 Decapitated Airpod 1st And 2nd Generations.

Image credits: YTAppleDemo

#94 Apparently, This Particular Philippine Brand Of Power Strip With A Laminated Metal Casing Uses Stripped Wires In Between Outlets.

Image credits: NontitledParent

#95 Previous Install Company Ran Cat5 Over The Main Junction Box, Decided To Shield The Cable With Aluminum Foil.

Image credits: endorphin__dolphin

#96 Don’t Smoke Around Your PC Kids!

Image credits: ComeFlyWithD

#97 "I Cleaned The Power Switch But It Still Won't Turn On"

Image credits: divine_applepi

#98 Gpu Woes Pt.2 - The Fan Of My Gtx 650ti Melted After A Gta V Session. R.i.p

Image credits: artemis_0504

#99 It Turns Out The Ssd In A Microsoft Surface Is Removable After All!

Image credits: weazelbeater