The 16 Coolest Wall Hooks for Adding Some Pizazz to Your Home in 2021

If you didn’t spend your time in quarantine revamping your entire home interior like the rest of us, it’s safe to say you’re a little behind. Hopefully, you managed to partake in something at least a little productive. And no, Netflix doesn’t count. Even if you did redesign your entire house, maybe there is something small you’re lacking to tie everything together. Stop staring down every inch of your living room trying to figure out what it is, because we know. You need a couple of cool wall hooks to bring your new home aesthetic the extra mile.

Wall hooks are a classic necessity each home should have. Whether you’re keeping them by your front door, inside your bedroom or even scattered throughout your living space, wall hooks are great space savers that keep your house looking tidy.

Regular wall hooks are nice and all, but when looking for the perfect wall hooks for your home, we suggest you start by searching for options on the more interesting side of things. Unique wall hooks will give your space the extra pop it needs whether they’re holding three jackets or standing on their own.

Need some help? Don’t worry, we got you. We’ve collected a number of the best wall hooks we can find online that will change the way you view your home interior. Read on and discover which are the best for your space.


1. HomeDo Natural Wooden Coat Hooks


You can’t go wrong with an effortlessly simple wall hook set. Scatter these minimalistic wall hooks throughout the house or keep them by the front door for an easy way guests and family members can hang jackets upon arrival. You’ll never want to go back to the curved hook design again.

Buy: HomeDo Natural Wooden Coat Hooks $23.88


2. Mid Century Modern Inspired Double Wall Hook


Looking to snag just one? Then it should be one of these mid-century modern wall hooks from Etsy. Each hook works as a double hook, so you can hang your bag at the bottom and your jacket at the top. There are a wide variety of colors to choose from, but we’re specifically obsessed with the red, yellow and blue options.


Mid Century Modern Inspired Double Wall Hook


3. Interior Illusions Middle Finger Hand Wall Hook


Get your point across without ever saying anything with a wall hook that will do it for you. Hang your keys, lanyard, bags or jackets right on the middle finger. Even if you choose to keep it as a decoration piece instead of a wall hook, this will be a funny conversation starter for any guests you have coming over.

Buy: Interior Illusions Middle Finger Hand Wall Hook $45.88


4. Industrial Pipe Decor Coat Hook


Bring the industrial aesthetic into your home’s interior with these faux pipe hooks ready to hang just about anything you’d like. They look just like the real thing which makes them that much better, so friends will simply think you’re making use of a flaw your place came with.

Buy: Industrial Pipe Decor Coat Hook $18.99


5. Sloth Hook


There’s no way you can disagree when we say this sloth hook is the cutest wall hook we’ve ever seen. Like, come on, it’s a sloth. Does it get much better than that? Hang your keys or coat on your little buddy’s arm — he’s more than happy to help you out.


Sloth Hook


6. Wooden Nursery Hooks


Calling all new or soon-to-be parents: it’s time to think about decorations for your baby’s nursery. Hang off of your newborn’s little hats, onesies and teeny, tiny jackets on these adorable wooden hooks meant to be placed right near the nursery’s door. Each hook is sold separately, but we suggest you snag all three.


Wooden Nursery Hooks


7. Kamal Entryway Multi-Hook Wall Shelf


Complete with six hooks and a flat surface on top for plants or other cute knickknacks, the Kamal entryway wall shelf is a perfect set of wall hooks to keep near your front door. It’s super beachy and bohemian in nature, making it an excellent addition to any home by the coast or near a ton of greenery.


Kamal Entryway Multi-Hook Wall Shelf


8. Letterfolk Wood-Carved Animal Wall Hook


Merge a cute yet creepy aesthetic into one wall hook with this wood-carved rabbit. He has an insincere look in his eyes we just can’t pinpoint, but we’re sure he will look good no matter where you place him in your home — as long as he isn’t haunted. Don’t like bunnies? No worries, Letterfolk also has foxes, bears, dogs, cats, lions, elephants and giraffes.


Letterfolk Wood-Carved Animal Wall Hook


9. Ninja Darts Coat Hooks


Never thought you’d see something like it, huh? Well, stay shocked and snag these ninja stars for yourself to add a fun space-saving coat hanger to your home. Perfect for lovers of ninjas and spy movies, these also make a great gift for teens and adults alike.

Buy: Ninja Darts Coat Hooks $14.99


10. Umbra Buddy Wall Hooks


Normally we wouldn’t suggest adding extra people to your bathroom, because, you know, privacy. But in this case, add these three little buddies to your bathroom wall so they can hold your towel while you’re taking a shower. Don’t worry, none of them are peaking.

Buy: Umbra Buddy Wall Hooks $19.36


11. Vintage Torched Wood Rustic Wall Mount


While the prior options we’ve recommended haven’t been so huge, we definitely can’t say the same for this one. Take your wall hooks to the next level with this rustic wall mount featuring three hooks, a shelf and a space to keep books, files or an umbrella.

Buy: Vintage Torched Wood Rustic Wall Mount $27.99


12. Boob Hook


While some might deem this a tad inappropriate, others will love this boob-shaped hook for its gorgeous and subtly comical look. Because who expects to enter someone’s home and instantly be greeted by a set of boobs? No one — so let’s make it happen.


Boob Hook


13. HERNGEE Elephant Head Single Wall Hoo


Using two tusks and a long nose, hold all of your most important belongings with this green gentle giant straight out of an African savanna. Not only is this a stellar way to hold all of your belongings upon arriving home, but it’s also a gorgeous piece of art when nothing’s on it.

Buy: HERNGEE Elephant Head Single Wall Hoo $12.99


14. Natural Wooden Coat Hooks


The minimalist trend is seemingly going nowhere, so add these natural wooden coat hooks to a wall near your front door and dull down your decorations a little. They’re so good-looking, your guests won’t even realize that they’re able to put their coats on them.

Buy: Natural Wooden Coat Hooks $19.90


15. Cat Multi-Hook Wall Shelf


As you can probably already tell, we love merging the classic wall hook with a second purpose. With that being said, snag this adorable kitty for your entryway and have her hold up to four different items at once. Place a trinket or two on her upper shelf for a decoration that can do more than one task.


Cat Multi-Hook Wall Shelf


16. Cast Iron Octopus Hook


As the ocean’s most alien sea monster, the octopus is a creature that escaped your average sci-fi and somehow made it to our world’s waterways. With all those arms and the ability to regrow them if lost, octopi are a fascinating specimen that we really don’t question. While you won’t be able to regrow any lost arms if broken on this octopus wall hook, you can now relic in the wonders of this gorgeous sea creature day in and day out by adding it as a hook option to your wall.

Buy: Cast Iron Octopus Hook $19.99


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