The temptation can be strong and, at times, completely overwhelming: You see dozens of plastic or wire hangers on sale and think, “I could round out my entire wardrobe with all of those.” 

Here’s the thing – there’s an expression that something too good to be true usually is. Could those plastic or wire hangers really be a mirage after all? 

The fact is that yesterday’s savings might be tomorrow’s expense – in the sense that cheap hangers can do a lot of harm to your clothes. Why risk your entire wardrobe for plastic or wire hangers that don’t protect your investment? 

What’s Wrong With Plastic Hangers? 

Plastic hangers don’t give your blouses, coats, and skirts the proper support. In contrast, wire hangers can actually cause damage and garment tearing, if you’re not careful. 

Over time, plastic hangers will start to bow out of shape due to the stress being put on them from holding up your clothes. This bowing in the actual hanger can cause your clothes to sag because they’re not receiving adequate support. 

Plastic hangers are also less-than-ideal for the environment. 85% of plastic hangers wind up in landfills! These items will, from there, leach toxins, such as benzene and bisphenol-A, into the soil and groundwater. Yikes! 


Are Wire Hangers a Safer Option? 

What about wire hangers? Those must be better, then! In some sense, that’s true. Metal hangers might not pollute as much as plastic hangers. Still, metal hangers could be potentially causing more damage to your wardrobe, and these items tend to be less durable than their plastic counterparts. 

Dry cleaners will often send back clothes on wire hangers because they’re cheap. The thing to bear in mind is that these kinds of clothing supports aren’t meant for everyday use, let alone hold an entire wardrobe in a closet. 

There’s a Better Solution!

Plastic and wire hangers can bow, break, and ultimately leave your clothes unsupported or (perish the thought!) pooled up on the floor and collecting dust. Put another way, cheap hangers might leave your wallet fuller in the short term but lead to long-term headaches.

The truth is that clothes will stretch more if they’re not supported by sturdy luxury hangers. The durability and support of these wardrobe accessories will pay off in the long run. You can rest assured luxury hangers can’t last for years, or decades, to come! 

Let’s take a look at some advantages, only luxury hangers can provide.

1) Luxury Hangers Provide Superior Aesthetics

If you crack open the closets of actual stylists and fashionistas, you’ll notice the commonality is luxury hangers. 

 Luxury hangers come in a variety of different finishes, like butterscotch and espresso, allowing you to create a beautiful, uniform look for your entire wardrobe.

Sometimes a tough morning deserves a beautiful start, and opening your closet to an organized, polished look provides some non-caffeine momentum to your day! A designer suit or pair of shoes can give a jolt of excitement – so can a clutter-free closet! There’s a reason why world-class hotels and boutiques use luxury hangers for this exact effect!

2) Luxury Hangers Protect Your Clothes 

Luxury hangers will better preserve the condition of your clothes and prevent sagging, tears, and wrinkles due to superior support. 

Furnishing your entire wardrobe with these items will lower or eliminate stress on the clothes that you’ve already invested so much time and money in. Check out these benefits: 

·   Luxury hangers are typically wider than plastic or wire hangers. More width leads to less stress on the fabric and seams. 

·   Wire hangers will actually sweat in higher humidity conditions, potentially damaging your clothes. Luxury hangers don’t do that.

·   Wire hangers can leave rust stains! That’s a non-factor with luxury hangers.

·   Luxury hangers don’t actually need to be replaced as often as plastic or wire hangers, which adds to more savings in the short and long term. 

·   Luxury hangers fit the contours and dimensions of your clothes rather than vice-versa.

A hallmark of a good investment is that it makes sense over the long haul. That goes for all kinds of purchases – cars, houses, stocks, or clothes. The fact is that luxury hangers make sense today and tomorrow as a personal investment. 

3) Luxury Hangers are Fully Customizable 

Luxury hangers are generally broader and more supportive than plastic or wire hangers. But did you know they also come in a myriad of different sizes and styles to fit your entire wardrobe?

Butler Luxury offers women’s coat, suit, and skirt hangers in a dark walnut espresso finish and a slightly lighter butterscotch finish. 

Women’s coat and suit hangers come in two or more different sizes, and skirt hangers feature three different finishes (dark matte walnut espresso, deep butterscotch, and whitewash finishes). After all, tailored clothes require custom solutions!

The Choice is Obvious – Invest in Luxury Hangers!

Cheaper hangers will always need frequent replacement. This is not the case with luxury hangers. Invest an option that produces the best return on investment! 

Luxury hangers protect your more exceptional garments from day one, immediately enhancing the overall aesthetics, durability, and functionality of your current and evolving wardrobe. 

For the finest in luxury hangers for every wardrobe item, visit the collection at Butler Luxury. Butler Luxury designs, manufactures and distributes luxury home items throughout the world for many premier clothing designers, tailors, and hotels. 

We are recognized as the most demanding and best in our field. For the first time since our founding many years ago, we are offering some of our ultimate, very best items directly to the public. Please shop with confidence and the firm knowledge that what you buy here is top of the mark in every way.

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