The valet chair is a useful piece of furniture that lets you hang your lightly soiled clothes or prep a new set for the next day

It’s also a place to sit down while getting dressed and is especially handy for putting on shoes and socks.

More than that, it’s certainly prettier than a pile of clothes over a chair or ironing board.

Here’s my version of a valet chair from an old IKEA MALM nightstand, which is no longer in production. Under the seat, it has a drawer for small items like socks. Very handy!

IKEA items used: 

MALM nightstand |

MALM nightstand

Other materials and tools: 

2 Handles
3 Coasters

2 Furniture pads

White paint
Wooden clothes hanger (optional)

Hack instructions: 

First, remove the top shelf.

Flip the shelf and attach it to the bottom of the front drawer as pictured. This is to create support and level the front drawer with the back leg.

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Then, attach a drawer pull to the back using the original holes. I chose a C-shaped drawer pull so I can hang items off it.

Next, attach a drawer pull to the front drawer.

Place furniture pads under the front drawer to further level the chair.

Then, I whitewashed the valet chair with diluted white paint. This step is optional if you want to maintain the colour of the MALM nightstand. You can also paint it any other colour your wish.

To cover up the holes where the top shelf was, I glued coasters to the back of the seat.

Add a cushion for the seat.

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The last step is also optional. But to let my jacket drape better, I glued on a coat hanger to the top of the chair.

~ by Maya

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