VDF products fair: The Lensvelt D-Chair is designed by communication and design agency Staat with a frame that incorporates a coat hanger and evokes "fragile insect feet".

The chair was first launched in 2017 and developed by Staat for use at desks in hotel rooms as part of a large-scale hospitality project. According to Lensvelt, Staat's ambition for its design was for it to "define the whole interior".

D-Chair is distinguished by its slim frame, which supports the separate backrest and seat. The legs of the frame are intended to evoke the slender limb of insects. At the backrest, the frame folds outwards and protrudes from the chair to form a handle and a coat hanger.

It is available with a black or blue finish, with either a stained-wood or upholstered seat.

"D-Chair is a timeless, contemporary chair with a quirky joke," said the brand's founder Hans Lensvelt.

"The chair fits perfectly into the existing portfolio of my furniture label. The chair is affordable and comfortable."

Product: D-Chair
Designer: Staat

Brand: Lensvelt
Contact address: info@lensvelt.nl

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